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The Speakmans on I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here

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The Speakmans on I'm a celebrity get me out of here with Ant and Dec on ITV is one of the latest rumours in television land. So, will celebrity therapists Nik and Eva Speakman be heading to the jungle in Australia for "I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here" and if you don't know them then who are the Speakmans and what are they all about?

This summer Nik and Eva Speakman graduated from the reality TV channels on cable to their own ITV show which was shown every day for a month in the lunchtime slot. "The Speakmans" was a chance for them to show how they deal with many different phobias and conditions with their clients. Normally Nik and Eva charge £1000 to work with them so the participants they worked with would never have been able to pay their what could be considered rather inflated fees.

You can read a full episode guide and information on every episode HERE:http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/myblog/read_112033/full-episode-summary-and-review-for-the-speakmans-series-on-itv.html

They worked with conditions such as fear of spiders, fear of dentists, trichotillomania or hair pulling, claustrophobia, social anxiety, even fear of sharks and many others.

The interesting thing about the way they work is that they do seem to have a very set format and this includes all of the family being involved in their sessions. I don't know any therapist who works in this way, but perhaps that is just because it made more interesting television? I wonder how they work with someone who does not have family support around them? How do the Speakmans cure phobias? You can watch a video review and answers to many of the questions posed by the show below...

It will be very interesting to see them in the jungle on I'm a Celebrity if they end up on the ITV show. I imagine they will know many of the other contestants as well so it should make for an entertaining watch.

I know many therapists who are not fans of the Speakmans. im_a_celebrity_get_me_out_of_here the speakmansAs part of my Clinical Hypnotherapy practice I am required to attend regular sessions to discuss any issues and also to undertake CPD (contining professional development training). It's at meetings like these where some objections arise to the methods and publicity generated by the couple. Often the fact they do not seem very forthcoming about their own training is brought up as an issue. I know that many people feel that their fees are so high that they create a situation where it may seem that you cannot get help unless you pay a large amount of money and this is simply not the case. Anyone can get help with a fear or phobia, stress or anxiety. I see more people for stress and anxiety and to help them to end panic attacks than anything else. It does not need to cost £1000 to have the help that you need so if you are seeking help then rest assured that private therapy with the Speakmans is a very expesive option. You can read all about the different types of therapy that you may have considered here: CBT, Counselling or Hypnotherapy:Which one is right for me?

My personal thoughts and feelings about the Speakmans leave aside the costs involved and the showbiz element of what they do. I think that they certainly make more people aware that you do not have to live with anything that makes you feel stressed or anxious. You can overcome fears and phobias, you can let go of stress and you certainly can end panic attacks. The more people who are aware of this the better!

On the Grapevine...Looks like they may be a no show!!

I have heard rumours that perhaps the Speakmans will not be going into the jungle. There has been some interesting debate on social media and some of the comments have been quite scathing. The suggestion has been made that it would not suit their "Brand" to be put in a situation where the fact that their unorthodox methods may not be suitable for everyone would be exposed. It's interesting to note that despite twenty episodes of their TV show we never really see all of the interventions that they use, and so if they were to help anyone in the jungle with a fear of spiders for example, then they would have to show what they did and this would not benefit their mystique. Reading what other therapists have been saying to that effect is very interesting because the vast majority of therapists are more than happy for people to know the methods that they use. Here's some information about fear of spiders

In fact I have to agree with most of the therapists who think that because what the Speakmans do is very much about them they are unlikely to enter the I'm a Celebrity jungle with Any and Dec. It's a shame because I would certainly find it very entertaining, even if the expectation was that they would stop anyone being scared of anything and the show would be boring! Let's face it that's quite unlikely!



If you would like to read more about the speakmans then do have a look at this: More about the Speakmans


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