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Three ways that you use to help to change the way that you feel

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Three ways that can help you to change the way that you think

Do you sometimes wonder about why you live your life in a way that you really don’t want to? Perhaps you feel that something is holding you back. Often things that have happened to us in the past can have a hold, not just on our present, but also on a future that hasn’t happened yet.

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Perhaps as a child you were a member of the “Clean Plate Club” because your parents told you that there were starving children in Africa so you should always eat everything on the plate. Now, you worry about your weight and perhaps haven’t even realised that you just eat everything put in front of you without noticing, even when you are already full.

You could have lost a job a while back, but now find yourself stuck in the feeling that life will always be like that as it is hard for you to move on, perhaps it was a case of being unlucky in love once, and now following the same pattern.

These subconscious thoughts can linger in the back your mind and then hold you back from the life you really want to live.

Our subconscious mind is very protective. It attempts to protect us from harm, real or imaginary. The brain can’t even tell the difference between real and imagined. All this can mean that you follow the same patterns that didn’t work before. So, why would they work differently if you don’t change them?

This part of our mind can find that once it decides to protect us from something, it buckles down and stays put. It can simplly stay stuck in that same pattern, unless we make some effort to find a way to change it.


So, how can we change our subconscious thoughts, habits and rewire those old patterns?

Three steps to help change old patterns for ones you really want


 Affirmations: A positive, uplifting sentence you repeat to yourself whenever feelings of insecurity or negativity emerge. Our minds can’t process two conflicting thoughts at the same time. Therefore, whatever is repeated, wins. It may sound like something silly, but if you put in good stuff then surely good stuff is more likely to come out?


 Hypnosis is a relaxed state of focused concentration where the subconscious is more open to accepting those positive changes. That’s why I always record any hypnosis sessions when people come and see me, so they have something to listen to at home.


 Guided Meditation: Guided mediation is a state of relaxation designed to remove clutter from the mind. The focus is usually on deep breathing and being mindful of the present moment. It helps create focus and clarity towards subconscious patterns. In fact it’s not so different from the hypnotherapy that I do, and it really can make it easier to have someone guiding your thoughts and helping you.

Just taking a few moments out of your day can make a real difference. Go ahead and try for yourself, or if you want help and advice then simply come and see me and get the help you need to make the life you desire.


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