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The Truth about Hypnosis

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What is the Truth about Hypnosis?

The truth about hypnotherapy is that hypnosis really works!


Have you ever noticed that once your mind has a pattern it keeps wanting to do the same thing over and over again, and many times you catch yourself doing the one thing that you don’t really want to be doing?

It can be tough to break that cycle of negative thoughts.

With hypnotherapy you can learn that you can help yourself to help you to do the things that you really want to do. People visit me for help with anxiety and stress, to quit smoking, to lose weight, cope with depression, end phobias, boost their confidence and so much more.

Often people who have watched TV shows may well think that hypnosis is about making them cluck like a chicken; of course the reality is that it is nothing like that at all. It's not a secret at all...it's just learning to relax and let go.

What happens during hypnosis?

I work with you to help you to really relax and let go. If you imagine that when you are really relaxed you are not asleep but you are so much more calm and unaware of the problems in your life. You are aware of everything that is happening. When you are this relaxed state of mind, then you are much more open to all the positive suggestions that I give you and you are so much more easily able to absorb them. You are conscious, but because you are starting to get closer to sleep it is easy and relaxing to feel those changes.

Of course I have many other techniques and ways to help as well as hypnosis. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I am able to use lots of different “Tools from my toolbox” so that we can find the right way for you to get exactly what you want. Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy and this means that just being able to talk to someone who is there to listen and not judge can make a huge difference too. I am not here to tell you what to do, but to help you to find the right way for you.

I so often hear people say to me "this will sound silly", but nothing ever sounds silly. Whatever you want to change is the most important thing. Never be afraid to ask for help.

You can email me on [email protected] or call me on 07980 233610

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