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Derren Brown Fear and Faith. How does he do it?

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I have written a couple of blogs recently about Derren Brown and his latest TV specials. As a hypnotherapist people often ask me "what is Derren Brown's secret" or "how does he do it?" Feel free to check out the other entries all about how he uses his techniques. This final show Fear and Faith has even tackled the tricky subject of religion.This post does contain spoilers...so be warned "Spolier Alert" before you read on to find out the secrets of Derren Brown.


I thought it might be an idea to write a few more words just to sum up what he has achieved in this series. Derren is moving away from his showman persona and really showing us how he can change people's lives. Its not just about entertainment any more. It's about leaving people with a new positive future....or is it?

You mustn't lose sight of the fact that in each of these shows Derren Brown is making television and it must be entertaining. Never forget that for all the things that we see an awful lot remains on the cutting room floor..either because it would not help the story...or because we are not supposed to see it.

In his first special about Zombies we saw him put the man to sleep on the bus instantly..how did he do that? I have already covered this in a previous blog so feel free to check it out. Suffice to say there is a lot more than meets the eye to his work.

Think back to last week and the story of the actress afraid of singing. Being scared to sing in public was causing her a good deal of grief. At the end of the show she suddenly could sing and did so in front of an audience with a full band and wowed the crowd. He was using a drug called Rumyodin which of course turned out to be not only a placebo, but an anagram of "your mind". I wonder if it occurred to you how strange that after weeks of taking it and even meeting Derren Brown only a couple of people worked out what was going on? But, back to the singer.. It's a lovely story. I know that if I was making a TV show about helping someone to sing in public I would make sure that the person I chose was a really good singer. Then perhaps I would do something to take away their confidence for a short time so that if they went for an audition they appeared nervous. Then I would remove these barriers and lo and behold she would be back to being a great singer again and off she would go.

If you think about it how would he know that at the end she could sing well, if she had never done it because she was nervous? She could have lost her nerves and then sung off key. I wouldn't take the risk unless I know she could sing. So the chances are the story we were shown may well have been the opposite of what we were being told. Another point to make is to ask yourself if perhaps there were other failed stories that we didn't see. Could that be the case? Hmm I wonder.

Never forget that Derren Brown is a great showman. I am a huge fan and the fact that he gets people talking about what he does is a good thing. He may give an unrealistic idea of how he achieves things but as a clinical hypnotherapist I achieve similar things in a different way. For instance I have only just finished working with an actress who was nervous singing at auditions. I worked with her using something called Emotional Freedom Therapy and in one session it was gone. I wonder what she is up to now?

Of course I do know that Derren is great at keeping in touch with people he works with and he does help them so I applaud him for that.

I work with people who want to lose weight, quit smoking, end fears and phobias and manage their stress and of course I don't need to have a TV show to achieve results. There is lots more information on my website if you want to read more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy and what can be done using the techniques I have mentioned...and if you want to experience a wonderful trance like state of relaxation and don't want to have to come and visit me or perhaps are not local then you may be interested in this just click on.....Refresh Relaxation

If you would like to see the Derren's series..The experiments...

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