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Strictly Come Prancing and stepping out of your comfort zone

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I spend a good deal of time seeing clients who need help with something that means stepping out of their comfort zone. Now It is my turn!

Personally I love the challenge of doing something that means that I am stepping out of my own comfort zone. Trying something new or different can give you a tremendous buzz of success and perhaps along the way there may be some failure too. Many people struggle with the aspect of failing at something and this can lead to them giving up. It may be useful to consider that all the people you see having a huge amount of success have also had a great deal of failures along the way. Are these really failures or are they learning experiences? Each time you try something and you get a little closer, or a little better at it then you are moving forward. Of course sometimes, you may even move backwards a little. I like to say that sometimes we need to move back before we can move forwards.

So, this leads me to my own personal challenge... as I spent a long time as a performer acting on television and in theatre I am very comfortable and happy performing in front of people. However there is one thing that I find starts to make me feel a little queasy!

Dancing!  Yes, I know that Strictly Come Dancing is a huge hit (beating the X-factor in the ratings) but it has always been something that I have never felt that happy with. When I have ended up in theatre productions having to dance I always spend a long time with the choreographer to make sure that I have got it right! Ironically I have performed in many musicals and after a lot of effort I do enjoy them, but it does take time!

This leads me on to what I am up to on October 6th. I got a call from The Shakespeare Hospice about becoming involved in their “Strictly Come Prancing” event. I am really happy to support the hospice in any way that I can and the last event where I was able to do a little something involved me talking about what I do in my hypnotherapy practice which I very much enjoyed. It was, how you say...comfortable!

This time though, things were different!  Would I like to be one of the dancers performing in front of an audience after a day’s training? I took a big breath in (something I spend enough time telling clients to do!) and my mind started to whirr. How was I going to get out of this one? I don’t think I am the most graceful of dancers and the thought of having just a day to rehearse was filling me with dread. Of course, I couldn’t really say no, It is very easy to say no to work that you do not like the idea of, but not so easy to say you won’t help a charity!

Low and behold I now find myself in possession of lots of tickets for the event and I need to start thinking about what I will be wearing and perhaps getting some sneaky practice in!

I have been told that one of the dances is a waltz and the other will be decided on the day! On the day! Nothing like cutting it fine!

Well, I need to apply all that I say to my clients in order to make this exciting. It’s a great opportunity and something that I would never normally do. I will get very fit after a full days dancing, meet some lovely people and help raise some money for The Shakespeare Hospice. I could be "nervous" about it or perhaps I can be "excited". I think excited seems much more fun!

Believe me I am well out of my comfort zone, so I will employ my favourite technique to get through tough things. Enjoy it, have fun, laugh and always do my best. What is the worst that could happen (Don't answer that).

 Shakespeare hospice ticket

If you are free on Sunday 6th October and would like to come along to the Stratford School on Alcester Road, Stratford upon Avon to support me and the charity then drop me a line and I can help you out with tickets. I even have tickets with my name on! Hmmm not sure if that makes them more valuable or less!

Now I am off to listen to my own Free Relaxation MP3...I think I’ll need it!

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