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How did I get my Irrational Fear?

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How did I get this irrational fear? Can I let go of my Childhood Phobia?

fears and phobias from childhood

Here is a BBC Radio Interview I recently did to talk about fears and phobias from childhood.

So many people who come to see me with fears and phobias say to me "This will sound silly", or "I feel stupid" but the truth is that no fear or phobia sounds silly or stupid to me. We can pick things up as a child that seem to defy rational belief. Once we find out where they came from then it can be easy to let go of them. Somtimes we don't even need to know where they come from, although of course finding out can make a real difference to our understanding of why we may have them.

In this radio interview we explore some of the listeners fears and phobias and look at how they can let them go. From a fear of Sharks coming up through the toilet to Grass, you may be surprised how common many fears and phobias are.


If you would like to read more then you can find out all about Hypnosis for fears and phobias HERE

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