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paul mckenna hypnotic gastric band review

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Paul Mckenna's gastric band hypnosis seems to have exploded into the public arena and really taken off in the past few weeks. It seems to have caught the imagination of many people who think that they may want to by hypnotised into thinking they have a gastric band in order to lose weight. Is losing weight with a hypnotic gastric band a good idea though? I have already written one blog post about it shortly after it was launched so if you want to read the "Paul Mckenna Gastric band hypnosis does it work" blog just click here

Since that time I have seen quite an increase in the number of people talking about it so I wanted to take a look at that. My objections to the idea of gastric band hypnotherapy are based around the fact that it really does not address the underlying issues of the client and that many people do not need it. In the case of a surgical gastric band it would not be given to a patient unless they had been assessed and given counselling. They would have to go through a long process to ensure that it is the right thing for them. In fact many patients have to lose weight first and prove that they are able to do this before they are even given the chance to have a gastric band operation.

This week I gave a talk all about "Think yourself thin" to a group of ladies. I spoke about how diets don't work and that all we end up doing is denying ourselves things and thinking about food all the time. When we did a question and answer session at the end I was asked what I thought about the Paul Mckenna hypnotic gastric band. Of course, it was a question I was expecting as I have had the conversation and question from quite a few clients this week as well (and not just the ones wanting help with weight loss!).

The really positive thing is that it gets people talking about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, because it really does help and it really does make a huge difference to millions of people's lives. As the use of hypnosis becomes more widespread even more people can see the benefits and the myths and misunderstandings that have surrounded what we do can be shaken off.

So, checking out the many blogs that people have been writing it seems that Paul Mckenna is on to a winner with his hypnotic gastric band hypnosis book and CD.  He is certainly selling a lot of copies. Reading what people are saying they do seem to be finding a benefit and feeling fuller and eating less. There can be lots of reasons for this, not least the fact they want it to work, and of course that is a perfectly good reason. It certainly helps to spur people on.

I still have misgivings about the long term effects.  For example if you crave certain foods or eat at emotional times I wonder how that will pan out in the months to come? If these are not addressed then perhaps the weight will creep back on.

It's something that I will be continuing to follow on a regular basis, because we all want to move forward in what we do.. and who knows in the future it may well be something that many more people follow. Of course one of the interesting things is that Paul Mckenna is being seen as the inventor of the hypnotic gastric band by some in the media and this really isn't the case. I do take my hat of to Paul for raising awareness of hypnosis and the thing he does is sees what works and then takes it and brings it to the masses so I do hope that he gives a little bit of credit to the people who spent a long time working on this before him !

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