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Strictly's Mark Wright wants hypnotherapy for panic attacks

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Mark Wright is struggling with his emotions and is now looking for hypnotherapy to help him manage his stress levels...

The Only Way is Essex star is suffering so badly with anxiety that he has considered quitting Strictly Come Dancing..

Wright has been seen breaking down in tears on many episodes since he began competing on 'Strictly Come Dancing' and he's now spoken about the fact the he has decided that the best thing to do is to seek help.

Speaking to The Sun Newspaper he said: ''I'm an emotional person. I'm loving Strictly but I'm putting so much pressure on myself. It's hard to keep control.I have never had a full blown panic attack but it's the closest thing you can get to it. It's definitely an anxiety attack. I can't breathe, sometimes I cry. I feel sick all week with nerves, then I see my family in the audience and all the emotions come out. I'm thinking about having hypnotherapy.''

He has talked about the fact the he and partner dancer Karen Hauer on the show don't think they will win. His fiancée Michelle Keegan and his family have been supportive, despite tabloid gossip about their relationship which clearly can only add to the stress he is feeling.He explained that if he could have a bet on the winner his money would be on EastEnders' Jake Wood.

Stop panic attacks forever and make sure they do not return.

I work with clients all the time who suffer panic attacks to stop them from happening and by working through the reasons for them happening we can ensure that once they stop they never need to happen again. Many people think that hypnotherapy is all about lying down and having someone talk at you but you may be surprised about the ways that we can work to help you end your panic attacks and teach you to manage any stress and anxiety whatever is causing it.

I do hope that Mark Wright gets professional help with his stresses because you can overcome them and move on.

You can read more about How to Stop a Panic Attack and also get a FREE download HERE: http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/howtostopapanicattack.html

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