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Katie Hopkins, fat for a bit, clueless for a lifetime

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Katie Hopkins: Journey to Fat and Back

Kate Hopkins, scourge of people who have a sensitive side, is about to be unleashed on our screens again. All of her fat body with it's extra 3 stone (or four stone depending on which paper you read)

What is she up to? Let me explain...

“Fat people need to look in the mirror, look at themselves, and realise it’s their fault" - Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins: Journey to Fat and Back is a new "Documentary" which she is filming in order to make money and increase her self publicity. Of course she would say that she is doing it to help show people all about losing weight but that would be a ridiculous idea. If you were going to make a documentary to help show people the benefits of losing weight what would be the point of using someone who had to put the weight on in order to take it off?  Ratings of course. Whenever Katie Hopkins opens her mouth she says what she knows will cause an outcry.

Perhaps it would be better to look at the real world. We have seen many actors who have put on weight for a film role. Of course they can then get that weight off easily. Katie Hopkins is having a diet of 6500 calories a day.

The reality is that in the real world you put on weight over years not months. Her three months of putting on weight will show nothing about the real world.

Even as I was writing this piece she appeared on The Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 talking about the show. Sadly I missed most of it because I was working with a client but I did hear a caller say that they felt this was shining a light on fat people.

Well, I imagine that is a good idea but it really seems that getting a celebrity who was overweight and then looking at how this affects their health and helping them would have been a better example to take.

Celebrity fitness DVDs and the secret they don't want you to know.

You have probably seen the paparazzi shots of celebrities with cellulite looking out of breath that appear from time to time. Often a few months later these same celebrities have a book or DVD out all about their weight loss journey. What you may not know is that part of the deal for this includes them putting on the weight and having pictures taken that look like they were from a distance so that the weight loss seems even greater.

Would an investigation into this have shone more of a light on the diet industry and the ways that they can use to make sure that you are hooked into something for a lifetime.

As a 46 year old man who weighs the same as I did in my twenties and has the same 32 inch waist I never go on diets. I know enough about weight loss to know that "Diets Don't Work". It's what I do talks about and it's why I offer my own weight loss programme which means that you never need to go on (or pay for!) another diet again.

It remains to be seen how the subject of the Katie Hopkins documentary is handled but I have to say that thinking about doing something to make you more healthy and fit must be a good thing! I suppose that it will get more ratings because of the chosen presenter so despite my reservations the jury is out !

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