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Hypnotherapy for driving test nerves and anxiety

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When I think back to my driving test days, or should I say driving tests days, I smile fondly at the memory. That's how I look at it in hindsight but for so many people struggling to get through their driving tests it can become a source of great anxiety and nerves. It can even lead to panic attacks and the thought "I will never be able to pass my driving test"

How can you break this cycle of nerves and anxiety?

I actually took three goes to pass my test. The first time I don't think I was ready to take it. The second time I was overcome with nerves and failed on goodness knows how many accounts. The third time however I had let go of the anxiety and I sailed through. Like everyone who passed after multiple attempts...I also think that it probably made me a better driver than those who passed first time. (We all say that!)

When I see someone who is worried about a driving test, the chances are that they have already failed it once before. It can be easy to turn it into a bigger problem than it is. Once you start thinking about the next driving test you can already see yourself nervous and stressed and on the way to failing. I like to use the phrase "We get more of what we think about" a lot. It's a simple way to understand how once you begin to imagine that you will fail then the chances are more likely that you will!

One of the simple ways to change the way you think about the test is to change the way you see it. When I talk through my clients who have asked me for hypnotherapy for driving test nerves, we look at how important it is to pass.

driving test hypnotherapy and stress


Of course, it's very important! It can make a huge difference to your life. That freedom and independence will take you wherever you want it. This can just add to the stress.

Here's another questions that may change it..

How important is it to pass it on the next attempt?

Most people would say it was very important. However, I would say it's not important at all. What happens if you fail? Do they post your picture on the internet with "FAILURE" printed over it and then ban you from ever taking another test?

No, of course not.  They just let you take another one! And another. It's not important that you pass this time. We have all read stories about people who have failed many many times. They have got into a cycle of thinking the next one will be a failure too. But, the positive side of this is that they can still keep on taking the test!! As many times as they want. Of course there is a cost in multiple driving test attempts, but they won't stop you trying!

Of course, that is just the begining. Hypnotherapy for driving test nerves will teach you to relax and let go, it can help to grow your confidence and put everything into perspective so that you can go out and pass that driving test.

Once you have passed...then you don't need to do it again. It will all be over...or is it just the start?

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