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How do I contact the Speakmans? Social anxiety

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This is the Blog of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Mark Powlett. I am a fully trained member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and as well as a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy I also hold a HPD with is a further qualification accredited by the government regulated Ncfe and held by only one in five hypnotherapists. As an independent therapist the information on this blog is for your help and advice in choosing the right person to help you. I am not connected to the Speakmans and the answers here are intended to help anyone searching for advice with any issue that is causing you concern.



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Lots of people are contacting myself, and other therapists after seeing the transformation of the people the Speakmans are having on their ITV afternoon TV show. As a Qualified Hypnotherapist people contact me to ask about the help that is available. So, any talk and dicussion about how you can change your life is always a positive thing. Today they dealt with social anxiety. Questions have arisen on social media such as How much do the Speakmans charge and how does that compare to other therapists? What is schema conditioning psychotherapy which they say they use?

Personally, I am a member of the NCH and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. On average people see me for just three or four sessions. Usually they see a change and understand that they can let go of the past after a first session. I also record any hypnotherapy that we do so that you have something to listen to at home. Click HERE to read more.

Just imagine..how would it feel to let go of everything that was holding you back and ruling your life in just 3 or 4 hours? You really can change your life, end panic attacks and anxiety and enjoy living the life that you want...


So, leaving aside the way that I can help people..let's take a look at what the Speakmans did and how they work in this review of the programme.

Like all the other episodes that we have seen they involve the family working together. Rest assured that if you are alone you can still deal with your phobia or anxiety disorder. The group therapy that they show on TV is not the way that the vast majority of therapists work. Neither myself or any of the other therapists that are my peers would suggest that you have to have family therapy in order to deal with you concern. The fact that that they only work this way does not represent the real way that they or most people work. It just makes more interesting television even if it may not work for all people in the real world.

They talk about their use of schema conditioning psychotherapy which they say they created, although sadly they are not willing to share what they actually do with people.

Karen met her husband David 18 years ago and has three children. She has a generalised anxiety disorder that means she has a phobia of people. Her extreme social anxiety was shown to us in a video that saw her very upset at doing her job as a school cleaner.

Her anxiety is so bad that she is even missing out on watching her grandchildren grow up. Her son Shane wants to end the situation so that his children can have a relationship with her. She told us that she does not want to be judged by them for her actions so she stays away from them. We were told she had tried medication, books and counselling. Clearly she has not seen a Hypnotherapist before and this is a terrible shame because the techniques that I use as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for anxiety and stress are the same that The Speakmans use. You can see for yourself that change can happen quickly. We do not see everything on the TV show so we miss a lot of the therapy that takes place but the Speakmans actually use many of the same techniques as a hypnotherapist such as myself. All that really happens is that by teaching someone to let go and relax we can help to bring back the life that they really do want.


You can find FREE Downloads to help relax and learn to end panic attacks in my SHOP just click the link at the top of the page.





When she visited Speakman Hall where Nik and Eva Speakman live they talked about her panic attacks. She runs away from anything that may cause them. I see this all the time in clients and what they often find is that this just makes them worse.

In fact I have even created a "How to Stop a Panic Attack" MP3 download so that I can help more people to understand that panic attacks can be removed forever. Just click on the Shop link to get the download. It is FREE and there is no charge at all.

It was interesting to hear that she has never spoken to her children about the situation. Clearly she can have no real understanding on how they feel without talking to them about it. She made assumptions about how her family think about her. She had no evidence about this and it is quite common to think you know how people will react to something when you really have no idea.

Unlike some of the participants in the shows it was clear that she really does have a problem with social anxiety. What is not clear is how she managed to go through any counselling without any of these things coming out before. Sadly she must have chosen a counsellor without really picking the right one. Of course this is something that may well come from her anxiety as well.



The most important thing

It really is important to pick a therapist who is the right one for you. When someone contacts me asking for help I speak to them and also encourage them to talk to other hypnotherapists to make sure that I am the right fit for them. If you have the right therapist for you then you really can move forward. I spend more time helping people to deal with stress and anxiety than anything else. Hypnotherapy is not all about helping people to lose weight or give up smoking. These of course are important parts of what I do but not the main part by any means.

If you would like help with a social anxiety, stress or any fear or phobia then do feel free to drop me an email from the contact me page.

So How much do the Speakmans charge for a session? The Speakmans tend to keep their fees off their website but they charge around £4000 for you to have treatment with them. This often takes place in just one session,and would be for a day. That means in reality it would be many hours although such a high fee as the amount that Nik and Eva charge is beyond only a select few.

 As I don't work with celebrities with large wallets I charge just a fraction of that cost and will help you over a number of sessions to make that change it is up to you to decide whether paying extra for the couple because they have celebrity therapist status even though they don't have any formal training is the right thing for you.

It is important to understand that you can overcome any stress and anxiety and it is better to learn those techniques over a number of sessions and not in an afternoon!


They are the resident life coaches on This Morning helping viewers to face their fears
What is Schema Conditioning Therapy?

Which celebrities have the Speakmans worked with?

Although the Speakmans do not work with members of the public they do have many celebrity clients.
One of the first famous faces they worked with was Kerry Katona who at the time was trying to turn around financial and drug problems.
Speaking at the time, Nik said: “We got her over all those issues and she’s still without medication and drugs today. It’s the Speakman magic.”
They have also worked with Peter Andre, Liz McClarnon, Katie Price, Holly Willoughby, Vicky Pattison, Linda Robson, Jake Roche and Jeremy Kyle.
Another celebrity client is Corrie actress Kym Marsh, who turned to the couple to overcome her anxiety of driving on a motorway. She appeared on their television show in a Delorean which they were using as part of their therapy.

While last year, This Morning host Holly Willoughby was helped by the pair after she admitted a fear of flying.
Other notable celebrity patients have included Peter Andre, Katie Price, Vicky Pattison, Liz McLarnon and Linda Robson.
They even helped talk show host Jeremy Kyle overcome his lifelong phobia of spiders.


Update April 2016:

The Speakmans live tour of the How to be Happy Show has now begun. You can read reviews and leave your own comments if you attended any of the venues where the show took place, as well as finding out what happened at the speakmans live event by clicking the link below....

NEWS: READ the Review of The Speakmans How to be Happy Tour CLICK HERE


You can find FREE Downloads to help relax and learn to end panic attacks in my SHOP just click the link at the top of the page.

You can contact me by emailing me from the contact me page above

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  1. Janey LG

    Thank you for seeing me and helping me to end my anxiety and panic attacks. I didn't realise that I could find help until I saw you. I tried the speakmans but got no reply and then after I bought your download of end stress and relax away anxiety i realised that things could change. Our sessions have changed my life so thank you thank you thank you. Just want to say that anyone who isn't sure should ask for help. I did and I am so glad :)

    Posted on

  2. Gemma

    I am 32 and have suffered social anxiety and fear of public speaking for nearly 10 years. I used to love my job but 1 day, speaking at a meeting I did every day I had a panic attack. I have no idea why but since then I avoided every possible situation where I may have to speak in a group. I would make excuses not to go to meetings, sit in the toilets so no-one could find me. It got so bad I could barely do my job, even talking on the phone I would panic and freeze, shake and feel sick. I had been promoted to a manager which I loved but had to step down due to this. I had a baby last year so it has given me a year's break from work. But I am due to go back to work in a month and now the fear is returning; I can't sleep and I can't enjoy my last month off with my baby because of this. Fair to say it is ruining my life, I would give anything to have my old self back and to make my daughter proud!

    Posted on

  3. Shereen lavin

    Would like to see someone re fear of public speking

    Posted on

  4. Dawn Cooper

    Hi im 43 been suffering from aniexty and depression for years its getting that way were i wont go out i just dont feel normal anymore carnt go out withmy partner or children anymore my life is a mess i just want to be normal and enjoy my life so plz plz plz could you help me im so desperate to be myself again im bein a rubbish mum and fiance and i dont like it as i use to be a happy go lucky girl but not no more everyday im so anixous thanks your sincerly dawn x

    Posted on

  5. Jo andrews

    This is me too! I have no friends left and a very small family who I don't see often. I work nights so I get up late and just lie around all day til it's time to go to work. Then I get anxious about going but I don't mind it once I'm there. I have a younger boyfriend who I constantly worry is going to leave me. We don't live together. I feel normal when he is here but he is a widower and probably won't ever want to live with me. Nobody knows I am like this. I used to love going out and having fun but I don't know why I have changed. I don't like being almost housebound but I don't want to go out either. I used to be the life and soul of the party but have lost all my enthusiasm for everything I used to enjoy. It's so upsetting, I used to have lots of friends but since I stopped going out, nobody invites me anymore. Even if they did I probably wouldn't go or I would struggle to motivate myself into going. I don't even know when all this started, it's crept up on me! What's happening to me?

    Posted on

  6. Janet

    My daughter is 38 and has suffered from anxiety attacks for four years it is at a point where she stays in bed all day as she is frightened to get up frightened to take medication frightened to be on her own and won't leave the house on her own she this stems from her youngest daughter being ill as a baby and then again four years ago which we feel triggered all this off again she needs her life back please help

    Posted on

  7. Clare

    Hi my daughter is now 7 years old and three years ago her father was removed from our home due to a violent attack on her sister and I got hurt in this event trying to protect her . I am worried as she is having severe panic attacks when we eat out she starts taking deep breaths to help but she starts to feel sick and can't eat she is alright eating in the home. I'm a single parent with not a lot of money but my parents have booked a Christmas dinner out this year as a treat and I'm now very concerned about it and feel she needs some help I've tried giving her one of my bracelets and saying this is magic and will help u so she asks for that when we go out she does have a fear of being sick I wondered if u could help or know anyone who can I'm very worried for her and don't know if the trauma is affecting her and when I've asked her school for help and others got no where due to her age I've sent you an email Clare , regards, Mark

    Posted on

  8. Shawnie

    Hi, ever since I was 14, I've had an extreme fear of trains. It's so bad that I avoid them as much as possible. I need to bring a family member with me if I REALLY need to get on one. I can't stand on a platform without feeling claustrophobic and paniced. It's stemmed from an early experience of witnessing a man committing suicide by standing infront of a train. I get stressed and have anxiety attacks just by seeing a train pulling into the station next to me. What would be the best solution to get over this fear ? It's very debilitating. Thanks Shawnie for your message, I will send you an email, regards, Mark

    Posted on

  9. Kay

    Support needed to address social anxiety.

    Posted on

  10. Gill

    Hi, I have suffered with social phobia most of my life now and it has completely taken control over the things I'm able to do. I recently gained a degree but attending university was so stressful that I often missed classes and had to have help from my GP. I have had medication and counselling which have not helped. I am desperate to get over this as I have my graduation to attend in September and really want to attend. Gill Hi Gill, I will send you an email. Regards, Mark

    Posted on

  11. Kim

    Hi I have had a problem with blushing for nearly 30 years. It has kept me from socialising with friends, applying for certain jobs etc.. I fear meeting people outside as I will blush. This has taken over my life. I have tried hypnotherapy once and it did not work for me at that time. Medication helps slightly but leaves me tired. I just want it to go away. Please can you help Hi Kim, i've sent you and email , regards, Mark

    Posted on

  12. meena

    My daughter was diagnosed as type 1 diabetic and its sent me into depression with huge fears and anxiety. Would hypnosis cure me as I've stopped living and am just surviving with no happiness. Thankyou Meena Mark Replies. Hi Meena Hypnotherapy could really help you learn to cope and deal with your anxiety. I will send you an email with some ideas. Kind regards, Mark

    Posted on


    my 22 year old son suffers from social anxiety disorder and it is severe. he no longer has friends, rarely goes out unless with me and really frets if we have to go to an y family parties. he is small for his age and i know this bothers him. he wants things in life, is very intelligent but i dont know what will happen with him. he had counselling and i have paid thousands for hypnotherapy but he seems to be able to block off all access to his mind. i cant afford any more private treatment but hes afraid to speak to anyone about his problems. He is such a lovely lad and gets really upset. any ideas Mark Replies: HI Ann, i've dropped you a private email. regards, Mark

    Posted on

  14. joanne lane

    I think my phobia is creating a new life and moving on from my previous one. I have major anxiety and nerves and do not know how to move on from where I currently am. I am so stuck at the age of 44 I wake up wondering wot to do where to go and I can't even face simple tasks. I've seen u this morning for the first time on tv and im wondering if u or anyone can help. I would never contemplate suicide and neiher do i have serious suicide thoughts but I'm thinking surely never waking up again would be easier than all of this struggle and pain in my life. I have never spoke about this only one friend. I live in secret and constant battle of finding a life for me every day. Help me please. Jo. Mark Replies... Joanne, ive dropped you an email with some advice for you. take care, Mark

    Posted on

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