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  1. It's that funny old time of year between Christmas and New Year when we start to take stock of what we have been up to in the last few days and think about what we will be getting up to over the New Year and into 2013. If you are anything like me you will have eaten far too much and probably told everyone "I can't eat another thing" as you just tried to finish that last piece of turkey on your plate. I myself have been feeling quite bloated, but then you may well be feeling the same too. I guess its just a consequence of all that food, and very little exercise. Of course, there is no need to beat yourself up over it. It's lovely to take a break, and enjoy some good food with family and friends. 

    I like to think that I keep myself in quite good shape. I always find it strange when I see hypnotherapists who help people with weight loss but are clearly overweight themselves. I wonder how they can suggest that they are able to help people if they cannot help themselves. That may sound a little harsh and some of them may say that they are happy in themselves but I know that when I seek help from someone with a problem of my own I choose to make sure that the person who helps me is someone who can show a success in the area that I want.

    I have to say that I am quite lucky in that having a lot of experience of hypnosis and how well it works I can call on my own self hypnosis skills and those of my friends to help me if I need a little boost.

    In fact just over a year ago I was a stone and a half heavier. I had been having some problems with my foot which meant that I had not been able to run and had let the weight creep on over the dark nights.

    I took a look at myself in the mirror and realised that it was time to do something about it. I went to visit a hypnotherapist friend and asked them if they would use the techniques that I use on me to help kick start me. They did two sessions and within six weeks the stone and a half was gone.

    Of course I was also feeling much fitter and healthier and brighter too.

    So, by telling you this I am not meaning to say that it was easy for me and so should be easy for you. You may find it easy to lose weight or you may struggle but never be afraid to get some help so that you can reach your goal. Olympic Gold medallists don't get there all on their own.

    I have a lot of experience of hypnosis and most importantly I know that it works so just a couple of sessions was all that I needed. You may be able to do the same with a couple of sessions or you may need some more than that. I bet you that if you did try a couple of sessions you would be surprised by how relaxing you found the experience. You may also be surprised when I tell you that you don't need to try any fad diets either. Diets just don't work so you may well find that 2013 is the year that you can ditch them for good. How would you feel about that thought?

    If you would like to get some help and advice, don't forget that you can have an initial FREE consultation.

    Right...i'm off to put on those running shoes and get myself some fresh air.  Here's to 2013.

  2. If you missed my Christmas video all about a client asking me if they could be hypnotised to forget the song Gangman style...

    It was really just a bit of fun to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and show that there can be a more lighthearted side to my work after some serous blog posts. Here is your chance to have a look if you didn't see it the first time...