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Does Smoking Hypnosis to Quit work?

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People often ask how can they use Hypnosis to quit smoking and How Does Hypnotherapy work to stop those cravings.

This Blog is all about those questions and is a chance to show you some answers to the most common questions that I get asked when helping people to quit smoking or vaping.

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Research shows that Hypnosis has been found to be an effective method for helping people quit smoking and vaping. The psychological addiction to nicotine is similar whether it's from smoking or vaping, thus hypnosis can help to overcome that addiction. One of the benefits of hypnosis is that it can help you to overcome the psychological addiction to smoking and vaping by addressing the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that keep you addicted.

Firstly we will talk about your history and why you smoke so that we can tailor the hypnosis to your situation. Then during hypnosis, you are guided into a trance-like state where you can be highly suggestible and open to positive suggestions. We can then plant positive suggestions in the individual's mind to break the addiction. For example, the I may suggest that the individual no longer has a desire to smoke or vape, or that they find the taste and smell of cigarettes or vaping devices unappealing.

Additionally, hypnosis can help to change habits related to smoking and vaping, such as breaking the habit of using it at certain times of the day or in certain situations. For example, a person may smoke every time they have a cup of coffee, or vape when they are feeling stressed. Through hypnosis, the individual can be guided to replace these habits with healthier alternatives, such as drinking water or going for a walk instead.

Furthermore, hypnosis can help to reduce withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings and irritability, which can make it easier to quit smoking and vaping. A hypnotist such as myself may suggest that the individual feels calm and relaxed instead of anxious or stressed when they are faced with a craving. This can make it easier for the individual to resist the urge to smoke or vape.

Another benefit of hypnosis is that it is non-invasive and relatively inexpensive, making it a cost-effective option for those looking to quit smoking and vaping. It is also a relatively quick method of treatment compared to other methods such as medication or therapy, as it only requires one session.

Moreover, hypnosis can also help individuals to address the underlying emotional and psychological reasons that led to their addiction in the first place. It can help them to identify and address the root causes of their addiction such as stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. This can make it more likely that they will be able to maintain their quit smoking and vaping in the long-term.

Overall, hypnosis can help individuals to quit smoking and vaping by addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. It can provide individuals with the tools and support they need to overcome their addiction, change their habits, and improve their overall well-being. Many people have found that hypnosis is an effective method for quitting smoking and vaping, and it can be a valuable tool in the process of breaking addiction.

If you would like to come and see me to start your journey towards becoming a non smoker you can email me and also ask any other questions that you may have, Just click on the contact me page to get in touch.

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