Hypnotherapy for Weight loss and dieting - Hypnosis and weight loss

How do I lose weight fast?

I see many clients who come to me and say to me simply "Can I use hypnotherapy for weight loss?" or "I want weight loss fast". Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for weight loss is a very effective way to a slimmer you. You may have spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on slimming products and weight loss solutions over the years, and yet perhaps you find that they don't work for you. It time to understand that perhaps you need a different kind of weight loss help. This is why I now work with my specially created Slimmer You Programme.

The simple fact is that diets just don't work. If you starve yourself of food, then of course you can lose some weight. Your body will try and use up some of that fat, and you may think that it has just gone away for ever. However, if you ever have been on a diet then I imagine that you know what happens next. If you slim fast and then you end the diet and you go back to eating what you did before, your body just returns to what it was before. This yo-yo dieting is a feature of millions of people's lives. It's also the reason that people who sell diets can continue to do so.

Let's face it if any of these miracle diets worked for everyone then we would all do them and we would not be in an obesity epidemic. One in three adults is classed as morbidly obese. It's a rising figure and as you are reading this it means that you want to do something about it for yourself.

You can't just go on a short term diet, you need to change your diet permanently. This makes the most sense of course. You just need to cut out the fatty foods, eat healthy meals and get some more exercise. Of course, it's not always as easy as that though. We all have our vices and for some giving up crisps and chocolate or other 'naughty snacks' is a very difficult prospect.

Every client who visits me for help in getting slimmer is different, so I treat every case in its own way. This means that perhaps one person finds that they don't want to give up the chocolate completely, so in that case I can help them to cut down on it. Another client may say that they need to stop all chocolate so I can help them to do that. The important thing to know is that you don't have to deny yourself things if you don't want to. By making something off limits it only makes the thought of having it more and more interesting so I generally help people to understand that its not about what you don't have but about what you can have instead.

Imagine yourself in the future, slimmer, much more healthy and happy and with your family and friends complimenting you on how wonderful you look. Perhaps they have just noticed a healthy glow about you but don't quite know why. It's a much more positive way to do things than just looking at changing things as giving stuff up that you really like.

With the aid of hypnosis I can help you to look forward to the new you. To imagine how you will look and take the steps to help you to reach that goal. You can find yourself losing weight and moving towards a happier you. You can be motivated to do more exercise if you wish, and you will wish to get more fresh air, even just going for a walk can help to really energise you.

Most weight loss clients have about four to six sessions and start to see a change that they know they can work on and keep working on.

It's all about making a positive and happy change for your future.

Would you like to be proud about what you have achieved? Find out all about ending diets with the Slimmer You Programme.

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