Hypnosis for Pain Control and Chronic Pain Hypnotherapy

One of the questions that I get asked often is "Can Hypnosis help with pain and discomfort?" This especially comes from people who suffer with chronic pain. Once you have lived with pain for some time it may seem that you start to get used to any medication and it can feel as if it doesn't have the same effect as it once did. This can also lead to feelings of frustration and anger which mean that you need to search out another solution to help deal with the pain.

hypnosis to help with pain

Can Hypnosis turn down Pain and Discomfort?

 Using techniques that help you to take back control we can learn to stop the anger, and frustration that pain is causing and even how to turn down that pain so that it stops taking control of your life. Learning to ease that discomfort can make a real change to your quality of life.

An example of the type of client story that I experience:

Because all of my work with clients is confidential I won't go into too many details other than to say that it is a lady who has had a great deal of constant pain for many years. She had to give up work because of her health issues and lives her days feeling in almost constant pain.

Her doctor has tried to help and she is on medication to help ease the discomfort but she finds that she is almost always uncomfortable and however she sits she is always aware of how her health affects her.

The doctor had recommended that she seek another form of help such as reflexology or hypnosis. 

She has been having reflexology sessions and finds that they really help her to relax and switch off the pain. However when she is not in the middle of a session she finds that the pain comes back to her.

She has now started to see me and we are working to help her manage her pain further when she is on her own. Of course the pain is there for a reason and so we can never turn it off completely but we can work so that it can be "turned down" just as if there is a control for it.

When she first came to see me she had an open mind but was not sure if it would work. I can understand this completely.

We worked to help relax her and show her that she can drift off and just forget about the pain. Whilst we talked about the problems and got to know each other she was constantly shifting in the chair trying to get comfortable and struggling. However, even with her first session of hypnosis with me she suddenly found herself sitting back and not moving. She suddenly didn't notice any discomfort and was so pleased and delighted.