Past Life Regression Therapy

What exactly is Past life regression therapy ? How can my past relate to my future?

You may have heard about past life regression therapy and thought that it sounded intriguing or you may have thought that it is not really something that is for you. If you are not aware about what it is then a simple explanation is that through relaxation and calmness you can explore things from that past and how they are affecting you now and can affect your future also.

Many people consider it to be something along the lines of thinking that you were a Roman legionnaire or servant girl in the time of Shakespeare. How can this possibly relate to now? Is it just entertainment? What actually happens is that clients find that issues that are causing problems now relate to the thoughts and ideas that come up during the session. This means that breakthroughs are often made that make a real difference. By seeing the issue or problem from a different point of view you can resolve or deal with it in a way that you may never have considered before.

You do not need to believe that you have lived a past life to benefit. From my own experience I can see how having an open mind and a curiosity are all that matters. You are certain to enjoy the experience and to find it very relaxing and safe. The Past Life Therapy can be to help resolve an issue or just because you would like to have the experience recorded for your own curiosity and entertainment.

Current clients may explore past life work with me during their therapy and for those wishing to explore the idea for themselves I offer a two session package. It is important to have a relationship of trust that is unlikely to be built up in just one session. This is why I offer this package to new clients.

Session 1.  An introduction to therapy and a chance to talk about what you would like to achieve from the session.  You will then experience a relaxation and hypnosis session which I will record so that you can listen to it at home. As well as leaving feeling relaxed and calmed you will be able to listen at home and this experience will help to create an even richer experience in our Past Life Therapy Session.

Session 2. This is your chance to experience the Past Life Therapy Hypnosis. I will record your responses during the session for you so that you can listen at home at any time that you wish. We will discuss how you felt and what you gained from the session afterwards.

This is available to current clients as part of their therapy sessions or the package can be bought on its own.

You can read all about the experience of one of my past life therapy clients in this blog post written following her session...How I felt during past life regression

If you would like to book a past life therapy session or have any questions at all just call 07980 233160 or email me on [email protected]