NLP and Coaching


What i NLP and how can NLP help me with my life?

Is there something you would love to be doing with your life but just seems like a dream ?

Are you preparing for change and need a little extra support ?

Maybe you are looking for a new career or trying to kickstart a whole new chapter of your life.

As a qualified NLP and life coach I can help to guide you through situations.

Coaching is really just sitting down and talking through the options. You may do this with family and friends all the time, but even if you do you would be surprised by the change that talking to a third party and challenging yourself can make to help you achieve your goals. Sometimes we really need someone who is not part of our life to help us with things. Friends and family can of course really help you, but there is often a lot more that you can gain by having someone who is not directly connected to you and your life.

I have worked for small companies and large multinationals such as IBM, BT, Barclays and the BBC. I have worked in theatre, television and radio and i've interviewed many successful people and many people with what seem immense problems, so there is very little that I have not seen. I have a huge amount of experience in guiding people towards their goals and helping them to achieve them.

I know all about change. I have had careers in the past that have ended when I have been made redundant and like many people I picked myself up and started again. Each time I moved onto a career that was even more fulfilling than the last one.

Working with a coach who knows and understands the process for change and can help and support you really does make a difference.

And if you have worries about public speaking or having to perform a presentation then I really can help. I know how it feels and I have overcome any fears I had to speak in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people !

I can help to challenge you to challenge yourself to see what can be done to enable you to make the changes that you desire.

We can coach face to face and once we have started we can even use the phone or skype.

If you don't know what NLP is, it just stands for Neuro linguistic programming. Its a bit of a mouthful and one way that it is described is as "software for the brain". We all have thoughts and feelings that are good for us, and sometimes we also have ones that we know are not in our best interests. NLP is a way of helping with problems and worries by helping us to change the way we think...and if you change the way you think you can change the way you feel. It's all about using our imagination and really thinking about how we would like to be. If you think positively then you will be happier than if you think negatively. It's as simple as that.

So... there really is no reason not to take those first steps towards your future.