Hypnotherapy for migraines

Do you suffer from Migraines? Does having an attack take over your life? Would you like to take back that control and learn to turn the pain down?

migraine hypnotherapy

Treating and preventing chronic migraine headaches with hypnosis and hypnotherapy originally came about as a cost-effective alternative to prescription drugs. Of course in reality the benefit are much more than financial.

Learning to control and turn down the pain is of benefit in the treatment of headaches whether the headache is migraine, episodic, or chronic.

As you are aware, a migraine is a debilitating form of a headache. If you are reading this then it is quite likely that you are someone who suffers already, and are looking for help after trying many different drugs, and perhaps natural foods and remedies.  You already know that various triggers can produce the onset of your migraine.

However, reducing the likelihood of a migraine occurring and getting rid of one once it occurs, can be challenging. Studies have been conducted showing that hypnotherapy can be beneficial to the migraine sufferer.

In many studies, hypnosis has been shown to be more beneficial than medications.

Common triggers of migraines include hormonal changes, stress, food, changes in sleep patterns, medications, and changes in the surrounding environment. Symptoms of migraines vary from person to person, but many people report moderate to severe pain that pulsates, worsens with physical activity and interferes with day-to-day activity, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and/or sound, and sometimes experiencing auras. A migraine can last for 4 to 72 hours, but frequency varies greatly.

How Can I help?

When working with any type of pain I help to teach you to understand that you can control it and turn it down. It is always important to make sure that you have seen a doctor and once we are sure that you have taken all the medical advice that you can we can start to show you ways to help.
Often there is a still a perception of hypnotherapy based on stage and television shows, but in reality all hypnotherapy is about it learning to relax. As well  as teaching you to let go I also record any sessions that we have together so that you have something to listen to at home. This way if you felt the onset of a migraine you could just find somewhere quiet to listen and even learn to stop them from causing the pain and misery that they can cause. I find that clients learn to have less migraines as well as learning how to make the pain more manageable in the ones that they do have.
Other benefits you can find are that you really can learn to relax and let go of other worries and fears in your life too. It isn't just about helping with the migraine headache.
You can listen to a free relaxation MP3 by just clicking HERE Free Relaxation MP3
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