Diets don't work - losing weight with hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

Avoiding some very common weight loss mistakes.

How to diet

It’s fair to say that “Diets don’t work.”

If dieting did have an amazing success rate then there wouldn’t be so many of them. If you think you can just go on a diet for a small amount of time, lose weight fast, and then stop you will find that it just won’t work. Gastric band hypnosis is becoming more and more popular as well. The idea with this is that you are hypnotised into thinking that your stomach has been made smaller so you are full sooner and eat less. Of course you don't actually need to go through the thought of a whole operation in order to help yourself feel fuller sooner.

This is because most diets are all about restricting you, so your mind already has negative associations before you have even started on it.

This is why I created the Slimmer You Programme.

Denying yourself something makes you want it even more and if you think you can’t have it then you want it even more, and so on and so on. Going on a crash diet is not the best way to lose weight.

A much better idea is to change your attitude towards eating, and the foods you enjoy and also to take some more exercise. 

Changing your eating habits.

A much better idea than a diet is to change the types of food that you eat and enhance the quality of those foods. Eat less processed food and much more natural meals.

Slow down the pace at which you eat.  Whatever you are eating, take your time and enjoy every mouthful. Taste and savour all of your food. You may even think about placing your knife and fork down when eating to slow you even further.

Ensure that you chew each mouthful thoroughly. The key to proper digestion begins in your mouth. Your tummy doesn’t have any teeth so try and get into the habit of  chewing your food thoroughly and enjoy, and savour every mouthful of food. Eat like a gourmet. They always eat slowly and enjoy every taste and every mouthful of food.

Doing all of this will really help your digestion

Another idea to get used to is that you can allow yourself to leave food on your plate. You don’t need to be in the clean plate club any more, it may have been useful in the wartime but that was a long time ago. Many of us were told this as children but no one does that any more because it just doesn’t make any sense does it? If you feel full then just stop eating. So much food gets wasted before it even gets to our plate. Each time you leave some food on your plate you are teaching yourself that it is fine to leave some food and not eat and eat once you are full. It is one of the best things that you can do. Really get into this habit.

Take a look at your portion control. How much are you putting too on your plate. Do you need that much food? You can reduce your portion size before you even sit down and start to eat.

We should only eat when we are hungry and not for all of those emotional reasons. It’s important to learn that we don’t need to eat unless we are hungry. All of these ideas can be reinforced with hypnosis sessions for weight loss with great success.

Remember to keep on taking exercise and being as physical as you can with your days. Could you increase your daily activity even more perhaps?

Nowadays we have a much more sedentary lifestyle than our ancestors ever did. We need to make sure that we do get physical and enjoy that fresh air. It’s so good for our health and it can help to make us feel so great, so positive and energised.

Balance that healthy eating with the extra physical activity.

Let’s use the word active. If you think about being active currently and then about what other ways that you can become even more active in your life.  Sometimes, people  say that they don’t have the time. I that case perhaps you can think of something that you can do at home, or in your lunch hour that doesn’t require any special clothes or equipment. Just going up and down the stairs a couple of extra times can help. You could go for a refreshing walk in your lunch hour rather than just sit down. Instead of finding you are more tired, you may well be surprised about how much more energy you feel you have.   

And you will already start to feel that you feel healthier, and more confident in yourself and how much better you can feel. Those feelings can get better and better every single day.

All the little changes can make huge differences.

What about the water then?

Eighty per cent of our bodies are made up of water.  It’s wonderful to try and increase your intake of liquid. Natural water is so good for humans and animals. When you feel hungry instead of eating just have a drink of water and wait a few minutes and you may well find that you are not hungry any more.

Often we are just dehydrated and the water will satisfy that need.

 Even if you don’t really think that you like water then just try because you may well find that you develop a taste for it and that will help you so much.

I wonder if you realise how much alcohol fills you up with calories. A bottle of wine can be just like a full meal. Alcohol is just empty calories. Don’t worry you don’t need to stop drinking altogether, you can still enjoy your drinks, but also just be aware that you don’t always need those empty calories.

Its very important that you are able to enjoy yourself, so don’t deny yourself anything, just think about whatever you desire in moderation.


You are already being hypnotised.

Why do we eat like this? What is making us do or feel like this?

We don’t know who or what is hypnotising us.

People say they know what they should be doing but find it hard. It’s time to change the way that you think about a slimmer you...


One of my favourite sayings is that we get more of what we think about. So if we think about diets and weight then we get caught up in the wrong frame of mind.

 It’s time to think about the positive side of things and look forward to a new future. Looking forward to looking and feeling so much better, and having so much more confidence.

You can enjoy a better, healthier lifestyle.  You can eat what you want, when you want, just remember to do it until you are full and then know you don’t need any more. You can just stop eating and feel satisfied.

You don’t need to deny yourself anything at all, just allow yourself to feel good and enjoy everything that you eat and drink.

You can focus on what you can have, what you can add to your renewed energy levels and your healthy lifestyle.

This about why you want to lose weight. Ask what will that do for you, how will you feel, and what will you look forward to the most? Because, it’s all about you, and how important it is to you.

Maybe it is your increased energy levels, or to look better on the beach when you go holiday, or fit into those old clothes in the wardrobe. Maybe it’s the freedom not to be ruled by diets any longer.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis can really help you on this incredible journey.

Find out all about the Slimmer You Programme and say goodbye to those faddy diets forever.

You can work with me in person or even via SKYPE to achieve exactly what you really wish for.

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