What is Hypnosis?

How does it feel to be hypnotised?

Many people have a view of hypnotherapy or hypnosis that comes from watching stage and television shows with people like Paul Mckenna and Derren Brown. Perhaps you think that what a hypnotherapist does is make you lose control and do silly things in front of an audience? As a Clinical Hypnotherapist what I do is nothing like a stage hypnotist !

Its not really like that at all, in fact Paul Mckenna himself gave up the frivolous side of entertainment to concentrate on helping people and is one of the most successful hypnotherapists in the world, helping huge numbers of clients and working with celebrities, athletes and members of the public to great effect.

 In our lives we may find ourselves so busy that we just don’t have time to relax and when using hypnotherapy the chance to relax and close your eyes and drift away is a major benefit in itself.

You will be aware of everything that is being said and you will always be in control. You will simply find yourself relaxing at your own pace and because of that your mind will be more responsive to change. You shouldn’t expect to think you will find yourself floating around the room because it really isn’t like that at all. You will just find that it works and that it helps you to feel the way that you really want to feel.

Many people are surprised just how comfortable a feeling siting down closing their eyes and taking themselves away to a wonderful calming place can be. In fact I will teach you how to do this yourself so that you can take time to relax any time that you want to. Taking time for yourself is very important and the process is all about me teaching you to be able to do things for yourself. Hypnotherapy is a short therapy! On average, after three or four sessions you will have all the tools you need to be able to tackle your issues.

You can watch a short video here where I explain "What does hypnosis feel like?"

 What can I use hypnotherapy for?

Hypnotherapy is excellent for stress and anxiety, I can help you to end panic attacks forever. You can use hypnosis to end fears and phobias, help to build your confidence, to quit smoking, lose weight, stop insomnia and sleeping problems, to conquer your fear of public speaking, manage irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, removing your bad habits, help you with motivation and even to control pain and learn to turn it down, and so many more things that I could keep filling this page with... but why not just call me so we can have a no obligation chat about what you would like to achieve?

Hypnosis is really so much help and much more pleasurable than you may imagine. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I am qualified to use a variety of techniques to help you to get to the place that you really want to be. Alongside hypnosis we can utilise other therapeutic interventions including EFT, EMDR and NLP techniques and you may well find that you can start to think differently without even closing your eyes!

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