Hypnotherapy for addictions

Hypnotherapy for addictions. Is an addiction ruining your life?

Are you and your family and friends suffering because of an addiction? It could be to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food, cigarettes or many other things. If you have suffered then you know only too well how it affects your life and those around you as well. What you may not be aware of is the fact that a large part of this addiction is down to something that we call learned behaviour. For example we learn that by doing something we can change our feelings. So, many people become addicted to cigarettes because they start to think they are associating them with a feeling of relaxation. This can happen with different feelings and the addiction can be to food, alcohol, gambling, sex and even shopping.

The simple fact is that with any learned behaviour you can unlearn it. With hypnotherapy and hypnosis we can work together to look at the reasons why you have become addicted to the habit and then find a way to replace it with something much healthier for you. One of the most interesting things that happens with clients when I work with them to overcome and lose an addiction is that they often comment that they “don’t even think about it anymore”.

Once we have worked through the changes you can forget that you ever even had the issue.

By using Hypnotherapy and other techniques such as EFT, EMDR and NLP we can change your relationship with your addictive habit, and by retraining your unconscious mind - that part of the mind that holds all our limiting beliefs, associations, cravings and habitual patterns of behaviour, make that change.

Using the principles of cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and adding them to our Hypnotherapy sessions will help you to deal with the underlying cause of your addiction. Then we can help you to change the way your mind associates that old unwanted dependency, and then help you to boost your self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

You no longer need to live with the guilt and consequences of a lifetime of addiction.

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