Fears and phobias how to deal with them like fear of public speaking, heights, driving and others...

 Do you suffer from a phobia and find that is having an effect of your life that you really don't want any more?

The most common phobia is probably social phobia. This is a broad section of things which includes job interviews, public speaking, or anything that would involve associating with other people. It can stop you from having relationships that you really want and make a real blight on your life.

This social fear is the number one fear in the Western world. There was a study undertaken which showed that public speaking was the number one fear, claustrophobia was number two and death was third ! So, given a choice many people say they are more frightened of speaking than dying. It can be very debilitating if you suffer from it.

Things have changed in the world. For instance jobs for life really don’t exist anymore. So, this means that you may well have to go for several job interviews in your life and perhaps even need to make a presentation. Do you find that a worrying thought? You are not alone.

The good news is that you can let go of most phobias in a short period of time. I see so many people for spider phobia that I wonder how many more people are living with being scared of spiders and not telling anyone when it is easy to let go of.

So, for instance if you have a fear or phobia of snakes then this isn’t actually a bad thing, it’s a natural response to make sure that you are safe. Of course, if you can’t watch them on television then it is affecting you in a way that is bad for you. The varying degree of how much you want to resolve the issue will define how long it takes. In the sense of issues like this where there is a specific fear of perhaps a creature; this can be very easy to cure you of.

There are many new techniques which mean that whilst in the past you may have felt you could not overcome an issue now you really can make that change!

Imagine how great you can feel when you stand up in front of an audience and feel confident and happy to talk to them. If you have ever worried about getting on a plane, just think how much better for you it would be if you were able to enjoy the flight, looking down in wonderment at the view rather than fear. You really can make those changes.

If you have a fear or phobia, don’t forget that generally the thing you are worried about will not actually do you any harm. Ultimately the thing you are most afraid of is something that you do have a level of control over. Even if you think you will have a panic attack and you do, the worst case scenario is that you would end up passing out. If you do that, then your breathing will return to normal. That may sound quite harsh but thinking about it, would that even happen? Sometimes, you can find that learning all about the thing you are scared of can help you to make more sense of what could happen.

The important thing to remember with a phobia is that more often than not the fear starts off with being something that is understandable and acceptable. For instance, I recently helped someone who had a bird fly into their room when they were a child. That was a perfectly natural response to the situation. What happens though is that often you are not able to move beyond that point and the fear remains like it was when the fear occurred. In this case all that needed to be done was for the client to understand that the likelihood of seeing another bat like this is slim and to acknowledge that the original fear was reasonable, and now it probably won’t happen. Then alongside hypnosis and EFT (or tapping methods) we can eliminate the phobia quickly and easily.

Often a fear distracts you from being able to deal with it.

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