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Call me on 07980 233160 or email: [email protected]

Are you looking for a local hypnotist and hypnotherapist in the Redditch area? You may even be looking for Skype Hypnotherapy online! Are you curious about hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Redditch? Wondering about how hypnotherapy for anxiety or stress works?

If you are looking to find a qualified Hypnotherapist in or around Redditch after using a Hypnotherapy Directory you can view information on my fees, availability and contact details here.

Would you like some help to make a change to your life but find there something that is holding you back ?

Do you suffer from stress and anxiety, lack of confidence or panic attacks? Are you having problems with insomnia and sleeping badly?mark powlett Hypnotherapy in Redditch

Would you like to stop smoking for good, drink less alcohol or lose weight permanently without having to go on any more diets ?

Click HERE for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and here to Stop Smoking using hypnosis?   Do you have trouble sleeping at night and find you are struggling with insomnia?  Perhaps you have issues with pain. Would you like to be able to control and turn off that pain?  Maybe you are pregnant and want to learn about hypnosis for pregnancy and how it can help you. You may be looking for confidential help with sexual issues, and not known where to turn.

Do you have a phobia of driving or something else ? Perhaps you bite your nails?

Are you worried about getting on a plane, scared of spiders or heights ? Or maybe you have a fear of public speaking ?

Perhaps you are pregnant and want to learn more about hypnosis to help with your pregnancy.
Are you considering Natal Hypnotherapy to help you with the birth of your baby?

Maybe you have issues with pain control that you would like some help with.

You may have a child suffering with anxiety. I work with children as well as adults and I am fully CRB checked.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to make the changes that we would like all by ourselves, but with the help of others we can overcome our fears, reduce our stresses and change our lives for the better.


I know how well it works...


I first came to hypnotherapy many years ago. At the time I suffered from terrible insomnia. I would like awake at night thinking that I would never be able to sleep. The stress of modern life affected me at night and that seemed like it was an unbreakable cycle. I was lethargic in the daytime, I put on weight, and like many people I smoked. mark powlett hypnotherapy in redditch

But that was a long time ago. Now when I lay my head on the pillow my eyes close and I sleep soundly, I have a huge amount of energy, I lost that extra weight ages ago, and I haven’t smoked a cigarette for more years than I can remember. In fact just the thought of one makes me feel sick! Now, why not let me help you to make the changes that you can't do alone ? As a Redditch Hypnotherapist I really can help you to make the changes that you desire.

Alongside my other quatlification I also hold the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, this is the guarantee of a properly qualified hypnotherapist in the UK as it is an externally validated (by the NCFE) qualification.  As an NLP practitioner there are many different ways that I can help you.

As well as working with my clients I also lecture NHS medical students on the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for their patients. You can read articles that have appeared in the Press about my work HERE

People can feel daunted by all the challenges that life throws at them and by reading this you can already start to feel that any change that you wish to make can take place. You have taken the first step.

 I use a variety of techniques alongside Hypnotherapy, including EFT or tapping and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing known as EMDR which can help you alongside teaching Mindfulness and learning to let go. My aim is not just to help you now but to help you understand how to relax at any time in the future whatever is happening in your life.



If you would like an informal chat with me then just call 07980 233160


As well as working with clients in my Practice in Redditch I also work online via Skype Hypnotherapy with clients around the world. 

Here you can find out more about Hypnosis, and NLP and how we can use it to help you in so many ways, for instance helping to manage stress and anxiety, fears and phobias, to boost your confidence, and even quitting smoking. It's great for assisting with weight loss, dealing with insomnia and sleeping problems, fear of public speaking, irritable bowel syndrome (or IBS), removing bad habits, helping motivation and even for pain relief. I can help you to cut down or stop drinking alcohol with hypnotherapy too.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. It's important to always make sure you talk to any hypnotherapist to make sure that you can work together successfully. I practice Hypnotherapy in Redditch so if you are looking for Local Hypnotherapy then I can help, and  I would be delighted to tell you more about how we could work together.

You can also read about the difference between Counselling or CBT and Hypnotherapy and which is right for you.

Please feel free to call me, I would be really happy to talk with you. There is lots more information about Redditch Hypnotherapy and Redditch Hypnosis on this site.

If you would like to take just a few minutes out listen to my FREE relaxation MP3 ... Just click HERE




Here are details on just some of the issues that I can help you with at my Hypnotherapy Practice in Redditch...

Hypnotherapy for Stress in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in Redditch

NLP practitioner in Redditch Mark Powlett

Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Redditch

Hypnotherapy in Redditch  EMDR in Redditch EFT in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Bad habits in Redditch

Redditch Hypnotherapy centre

Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for drinking too much in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Dental Phobia in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Driving in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for fear of Public Speaking in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Confidence in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for insomnia and sleeplessness in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Addiction in Redditch

Counselling in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Depression in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Quit smoking in Redditch

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Past LIfe Therapy in Redditch

Past life Hypotherapy in Redditch

Past life Hypnosis in Redditch

Past life regression therapy in Redditch

Hypnosis in Redditch

Past Life Therapy in Redditch

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy in Redditch

Hypnotherapist in Redditch
Redditch Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Children in Redditch

Hypnotherapy to end Fears and Phobias in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Stress Management in Redditch

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Redditch

Therapy for Children in Redditch  Child anxiety therapy in Redditch

Child anxiety therapist Redditch

Hypnotherapy for sexual problems in redditch

Hypnotherapy for sleeping problems

Hypnotherapy for sleeping disorders

Hypnosis for sleep problems in Redditch

Hypnosis for insomnia in Redditch

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in Redditch

Redditch Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Fibromyalgia in Redditch

Skype Hypnotherapy for Fibromyalgia

Hypnosis for panic attacks

How to stop a panic attack

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