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Have you have tried to quit smoking and failed in the past after finding it just too difficult to remain a non smoker on your own?


You are not alone. Hypnotherapy can really help you to stop smoking for good.

In fact, it's how I finally managed to give up myself many years ago.

If you would like to see me for that extra help then we do everything in one session for you and my aim is always for you to leave already knowing that you never need to have another cigarette again. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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I know how effective Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking is because it is how I realised that I could become a non smoker. I can't even begin to think about having another cigarette. I'll never start again and I know how many thousands of pounds I have saved since I gave up, not to mention how much more healthy I am !

Now I use the methods that helped me to help you quit smoking and make that change permanent for me. With a combination of techniques including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) you can change the way that you think about smoking and stop smoking, hopefully losing the habit forever. We will talk about your habits and history and then all you need to do is sit back and relax in my comfortable chair.

The truth is, of course that all those big words and acronyms mean nothing.

All that matters is...Can I help you to Stop Smoking and become a Non Smoker?!

This page has a great deal on information about how you can get help with hypnosis. The short version would explain that the greatest success rate amongst people quitting smoking comes from those who use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help them. Why not have a look at this information. There are lots of tips which will help you even if you don't want to try hypnosis or come and see me. 

We do everything that you need in one single appointment. So, after that single appointment lasting about an hour and a half you will also leave with a personal MP3/CD to help reinforce all of the work that we have done together. 

If you really want to quit smoking the statistics show that Hypnotherapy is by far the most effective way to get help!


  • July 2001 – International journal of Clinical Hypnosis shows that Hypnosis achieves a 91% success record
  • October 1992 – University of Iowa conducts the largest ever study of smoking cessation examining 48 studies of 72,000 people to conclude that Hypnosis is 3 x more effective than nicotine replacement and 15x more effective than will-power.


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Can I have a Hypnotherapy session on Skype to Quit Smoking?


Yes, I also work via skype and we can do all that we would in person to help you stop smoking with hypnosis online. In our single session we will help you see all the benefits of becoming a non smoker and how you can let go of the cigarettes or vape that have a hold on you. I will also make you a personal MP3 that you can lsiten to and reinforce all the work that we have done. Just drop me an email if you would like to tell me about your situation and ask how I could help.



Please take a look at some testimonials. Just click on the one below to see more:

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Reviews

Rick and Sheila testimonial smoking

A recent testimonial from a grateful client who came to see me after health problems emerged....

I don’t know if you remember me making an appointment with you for my wife to try and stop smoking back in August but I feel I must update you on the situation, she has not smoked since then and does not crave nicotine, her life and our relationship is so much improved since then as she seems to have more positive energy and we do a lot more things together now that she is no longer shackled with the habit.

she went for her first COPD test with the nurse at our surgery yesterday and she was astonished by the results, a 75% increase in oxygen production, no weight gain and no longer needs her one inhaler, she has not had a chest infection instead of it being a monthly occurrence.

The practice nurse has asked for your name and telephone number as she would like to give other smokers the opportunity to use your excellent treatment.

I am going to give her your details today in a letter; I hope that is ok with you.

What a buzz you must get from helping people in such a positive way, feel free to publish this on your website if you would like to.

Thanks again

Rick and Sheila


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Can you Quit Vaping with Hypnosis ?

I also work with people who are vapers and have realised that they really want to quit vaping. The way I work is very similar because it is hard to say that you really have quit smoking if you are still paying money to tobacco companies to put something that puts toxic air in your lungs. Most of the vaping manufactureres are also cigarette makers who have realised that they can still hook you in to spending money with them. If they really cared about your health they would just stop making cigarettes but of course that isn't their priority. So, if you want to quit vaping for good then drop me a line and we can arrange an appointment for you.



If you are still not sure you are ready to quit smoking with hypnotherapy then simply read on...




What is the most important Question to ask yourself when you want to quit smoking with Hypnosis?


 "How much do I want to become a non smoker?"


Your motivation to quit smoking is really the starting point on which we can build. If you really want to give up smoking and break the habit then that is the very best starting point that you can have. It may sound obvious but the fact is that unless you can tell yourself that you are one hundred per cent behind the idea then the chances of success are greatly reduced. Smoking is a habit and if you have been doing it for years then it will take a little work before you can break that habit. No one can do that for you, you really have to want to do it. Of course if you really want to do it then the support of a hypnotherapist is a wonderful thing. Just imagine how great you will feel smoke free. You will have so much more money in your pocket, you will be healthier and fitter, you won't smell so bad, and you will have a huge feeling of pride in what you have achieved. Hypnotherapists can't make you stop but if you are ready they can make the process painless for you.


Why not book an appointment now to take you on that first step to your new smoke free future?


quit smoking picture what will you do with the money you save

A study published in New Scientist Magazine compared the most effective methods of quitting smoking. A Meta-analysis, statistically combining the results of more than 600 studies (with over 72000 individual cases) showed that Hypnosis increased a smoker's chance of success by 1000% from 6% to 60%.

60% of people were successful with a single session of hypnotherapy, 24% with acupuncture, 10% with Nicotine Replacement therapy (patches, gum etc) and just 6% with willpower alone.

So why not contact me to discuss how you could give up smoking and become a non-smoker?

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Some Tips to help you quit smoking...

Try and think ahead to the benefits that come from deciding to stop smoking. What will you gain from becoming a non smoker?

   More money for you and for your family.

   A chance to taste and smell your food and the world around you and fresher breath.

   Less stress and anxiety...because often you link it to smoking even if you don't realise.

   Much better health for you and for the sake of your children.

   A stronger heart and cleaner lungs.

Why not add up how much you spend on smoking. What does smoking cost? Work out what you pay per week and then multiply it by 52 and see how much that adds up to in a year. Now have a think about what you could do with that money. A holiday perhaps, a better car, treats for the family. The choice is yours.  If you think even further ahead three or even five years...just notice how it all adds up.  What an amazing treat you could have with that money.

Preparing for the day that you quit...

   Try and chose a date to quit smoking that is unlikely to be stressful.

   Make sure you don't have any cigarettes or lighters and matches on you.

   Maybe even avoid the pub or other places where people smoke for that day

Remember...there is never "Just one cigarette"

  Think about all the positives to this amazing change you are making.

Keep yourself busy for the first few days. Keep away from the smoking areas. Get lots of fresh air and remember "You can do it"

Stop smoking hypnotherapy in Redditch with Mark Powlett Hypnotherapist

The Habit of smoking.

You probably already know that smoking is something that you do out of habit. In fact you may even refer to it as a bad habit that you have.

Hypnosis can help you to lose that habit much quicker than if you try and lose it with willpower alone.

Remember though that once you become a non smoker you could always start again. Never forget all of the benefits of the fact that you are now a non smoker.

 If you have another cigarette even years later, you could then become a smoker again. So remember, when you stop smoking, if you are ever tempted to have a cigarette just ask yourself. "Do I want to be a smoker again?" because that's what will happen. You may very well just awaken the habit again, it will be your choice. It’s the attitude change that stops you wanting to carry on the bad habit. Change that attitude and you can lose the habit.

The good news is that you can stop and stop permanently. Just because you have formed a habit doesn't mean to say you have to practice it, just like you don't have to keep speaking another language when it is inappropriate. It's just there for your convenience and like the old saying goes, 'What you don't use you lose'.

So how can you train your mind to form another habit of not smoking? The long and uncomfortable way is to practice your way out of it, or the easy way is to use hypnosis, which means you do not need any practice at all. Why? Because you are accessing the subconscious directly and re-programming it.

The subconscious part of the mind's function is to protect, not destroy. This means that any suggestion you hear for your subconscious will not be accepted if it is derogatory or unworkable, e.g. that a broken leg will be fixed tomorrow.

This is why we focus on all the positive reasons for quitting smoking. We look forward to a better more healthier and wealthier time for you.

You can find out much more about hypnosis on this website.

What does happen to my body when I smoke?

Every time you take a single drag on a cigarette, the most dangerous part smoke enters your body, then carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in your blood, and it robs your heart of vital oxygen. Meanwhile, the nicotine you have inhaled makes your heart beat faster and faster.  Your blood vessels will now constrict and your blood pressure will shoot up. This is why smoking doubles the risk of stroke.

The Heart of a smoker will beat an extra ten thousand beats per day. Some people say that we only have so many heart beats left in our hearts. I don't know about that but maybe it is something to ponder!?

Smoking also makes your blood more prone to clotting and it damages the lining of your arteries. This increases the chance of fatty plaque buildup—a setup for a heart attack.

But guess what? If you give up smoking this is what will happen...

          The sooner you quit, the faster your cardiovascular system will rebound. Its amazing how quickly this can happen..

         The same day that you quit smoking your blood pressure will go down.

         Within a month of stopping your circulation and your breathing will improve.

         Two years after you have quit smoking your heat attack risk will return to that of a non smoker.


 Questions to ask yourself, if you really want to stop smoking now.

1. How many cigarettes do you smoke?

2. When did you start?

3. Why do you want to stop now?

Once you know how many cigarettes you smoke you can work out just how much you are spending on smoking. Just work out how much per week first, and then multiply it by 52 to get the figure for the year. I think you may be very surprised. So many people have no idea quite how much they spend.

Once you know this you can start to think about how much better that money could be spent. What could you buy with the money you save on not buying cigarettes? A new computer or phone, a holiday maybe!

Think about when you started. Why did you start? Did you start smoking at school behind the bike sheds or later because of stress at work. So many people started because of peer pressure when they were younger. Let's face it you don't need to do that any more do you?

Of course making sure that you really want to stop now is the most important part. If you are not committed to really stopping smoking then you won't be able to give up. It is as simple as that. I often get asked "can you make me stop smoking?" the answer is of course I can't. I can't make you do anything. No-one can make you stop smoking it has to be something that you really want to do.

The good news is that if you really want to stop then I can certainly help you. Read through all the information here carefully and take time to get other help and assistance. You really do not have to do this all by yourself.

Knowing that there are people who support and can help you will already start to make it easier for you.

You can look forward to a smoke free future.

It is all well within your reach....Just reach out and take your future in your hands.

Find out more about what is involved in using hypnotherapy and hypnosis to quit smoking HERE


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Stoptober..The Government  started the Stoptober initiative in 2012.Working with the NHS Stoptober was an initiative that aimed to help you give up smoking during October. Hypnosis can really help you to make that positive change. Every year as October rolls around you can find more people in the same boat as you so you can know that there is always more support for you.


A whole month with help and advice to help become a non smoker.


If you have been thinking about giving up and just need a little push then now is the time.


stoptober mark powlett hypnotherapy


The idea is that if you can stop smoking for 28 days then it's much easier to remain a non smoker so the event will run for 28 days in October. The research shows that people who manage to stop smoking for that amount of time are much less likely to start again.


Hypnosis has been proven in clinical trials to be the most effective way to get help..


It's a great time to make that change.

England's Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies has said that it is the very first time that the government has launched an attempt for so many people to quit.

There will  be TV and radio advertising, a daily messaging service and roadshows around the country. There are also plans for a Stoptober app and a page all about it on Facebook

Health Minister Norman Lamb, who explained that he quit smoking last week, told BBC Breakfast "I think it's well worth trying this approach, it is a good investment in health promotion".

"And if we can get people working locally together collectively to give up we can have a real impact."

The campaign is also supported by Cancer Research UK and Jean King, director of tobacco control has said: "Smoking accounts for one in four cancer deaths and nearly a fifth of all cancer cases so it's vital that work continues to support smokers to quit. Breaking the addiction is difficult, so new and innovative campaigns such as this are hugely important."

She added: "It's key that smokers don't give up trying to give up."


What a great idea !


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