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BRAND NEW: Download a full weight loss programme on MP3s and start losing weight, feeling slimmer and fitter today

This product is brand new in my download shop. You can enjoy four weight loss MP3 recordings and a mini ebook with help, instructions and advice so that you can give up diets forever and lose weight starting right away! If you have tried all the other weight loss treatments and realised they just don't last then now it's time to think differently! You can start your weight loss and give up diets today!

It's based on my Weight Loss Hypnosis - Slimmer You Programe which you can read about in more detail here: Weight loss Hypnotherapy

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This programme contains four MP3s and a mini ebook  that mean you can give up diets forever and eat what you want whilst losing weight and feeling great.

The programme is designed to be listened to over 28 days so you can really reinforce the recordings by listening for a week to each one.

Week 1 - Learning to relax, end stress and gain confidence 

Week 2 - Weight Loss starts here

Week 3 - Letting go of the Past

Week 4 - Turning down cravings.

It costs £70 per session to work with me in person on the slimmer you programme so now you can work on your own in your own time and enjoy weight loss hypnotherapy for a fraction of the cost.

This set of MP3 recordings is designed to teach you how to give up those restrictions and live the life you want whilst keeping yourself in the shape you want.

Each of the recordings has been made to listen to in order and by taking your time to work through them you will be laying the foundations for a lifetime of eating what you want, when you want and being able to live the life you want.

After years and years of counting calories, humiliating weigh-ins and denying yourself what you really want, doesn’t it feel great to know that you can let all of those old feelings go!

Each of the recordings has instructions as part of the audio and the ebook notes also help you on your journey. Once you have finished listening to the recordings they will still be yours to listen to whenever you want to in the future. Many people find that they have a favourite that they just love listening to when they want some “Me time”. You can just relax and let yourself go off into a dream whist recharging your batteries.

The programme is designed to be listened to every day for 28 days. It doesn’t matter if you want to take longer that’s entirely up to you. The more you listen and allow yourself to relax the more you will get from the programme. Just follow the included calendar and enjoy your new life style!

  selz weight loss £100 snapshot

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