Gastric Band Hypnosis

Gastric band hypnosis. What does it entail, and will it really help me to lose weight and curb my appetite ?

Gastric band hypnotherapy is often used on its own when there is a much better way to lose weight, get fit and feel better permanently..

I always recommend that you take a full course of weight loss hypnotherapy to cover all the issues around eating. However if you really want to kick start your weight loss then my download contains the gastric band hypnotherapy plus suggestions to help you eat more healthy food and exercise.

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One of the most well known hypnotherapists practicing today is Paul McKenna. You may have heard or read about the Paul Mckenna Gastric band hypnosis CD and book that he has recently writen. Paul Mckenna first came to prominence with stage hypnosis and as a radio presenter but now he has given all of that up in order to concentrate on actually helping real people.  It's interesting that Paul looks at all the trends and research on hypnosis and hypnotherapy to see what works and what doesn't work, in order to help take us all forward and make the use of hypnosis more widespread. After many years talking about how he doesn't like the idea of Gastric band hypnosis imagine my surprise when all of a sudden a new book and CD appeared called "The Paul McKenna hypnotic gastric band - the new surgery free weight loss system". I have studied the hypnotic methods myself and so has Paul. He has been looking into gastric band hypnosis and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what he is now saying about it. So does the Paul Mckenna gastric band hypnosis method really work? Can you use gastric band hypnotherapy to lose weight? Is it the right approach for you? Will a hypnotic gastric band procedure really help you in the long term?

In the past if you read or follow his thoughts on the subject you will find that Paul McKenna has always been against the idea of Gastric band hypnosis as it doesn’t always deal with the issues behind why people put on weight.

He has now changed his mind and has jumped on the Gastric band hypnotherapy train so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what he said in an interview on BBC Breakfast with Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt on January 11th 2013.

Here is what Paul McKenna had to say...

“When I first heard about gastric band hypnosis I was sceptical but it’s amazing how much success there has been with it. The way that it works is that by tricking the mind into thinking the stomach smaller and therefore is full sooner it can reduce the amount that you eat. You eat less, you stop, you leave food on your plate and you don’t feel like you need to eat any more.

All of the decisions about what you eat, and when you eat take place in the mind, the mind is like a computer, and if you like we are reprogramming it with this technique..

Your mind and body are communicating together all the time, so you can influence your body, if you think of something really scary your heartbeat will quicken, if you think of something relaxing it will slow.”

Paul continued...

“Studies have been done in America over the last few years where people have been able to boost their immune system through visualisation techniques, and we don’t know the limits of what is possible, but this technique where you convince your mind that your body has a smaller stomach has a strong effect on your behaviour, because the people who use it, for example a group with “The Sun” newspaper last week, all of them lost weight and they said “I feel a bit guilty because I am not really doing anything at all. I just feel full; suddenly I don’t want to eat as much.”

He did go on to talk about other techniques that can be used rather than the gastric band hypnotherapy.

“If I could give one piece of advice, and there are a number of studies from around the world to prove this works, if you eat slowly and eliminate distractions you will eat significantly less. If you eat and watch TV you will eat more, if you eat and read a magazine you will eat more. If you put the knife and fork down and you chew and eat slowly you will eat much less as you can hear the signals telling you that you are full.”

Like Paul I have not really been a fan of gastric band hypnosis as there are many ways that we can help people to reduce weight without them needing to imagine going through a whole operation. Although the operation really doesn’t take place of course, the whole scenario is imagined and for the vast majority of people that operation would not be necessary. In reality gastric band operations only take place on those people who are clinically obese and very much larger than the average person. These operations are not undertaken lightly so I think the jury is still out on whether they are beneficial to people who would not need them. 

There are much more positive ways to go about losing weight and these are the methods that I use with my clients.

I can help you to lose weight by changing the way that you eat and your relationship with food. It is important to have a realistic expecation. Sometimes people think that they can just lie back listen to me speak and the weight will have gone before they open their eyes. Of course it's not as simple as this ! You will have to do some work as well, and that is the key. If you really want it then you can have it.

The problems with Gastric Band hypnosis may well show after a few months. You couldfind yourself in the situation that you start to put weight back on again because you didn't look at the reasons that you eat. I really do hope that I am wrong and that in fact a long term solution is what gastric band hypnosis provides.

Of course for some people a quick fix could really help. Although I don't currently offer Gastric Band Hypnosis in my practice you can now download a full Gastric Band Hypnotherapy audio recording which you can listen to in the comfort of your own home. This costs a fraction of the amount that a full course of gastric band hypnotherapy would be and is a great way to see the benefits of hypnotherapy treatment to lose weight...

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In the meantime if you really are serious about making a change for life and losing your weight and making a permanent change then I can't say that it is the best way. Time will tell if things change, but at the moment we really don't know what will happen in the long term with this quick fix.

The reason I now offer the NEW Slimmer You Programme is because I have tried and tested the techniques and I know that they address all of the issues that Gastric Band Hypnotherapy does not.

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