Skype Hypnotherapy

Would you like some help without even needing to leave home?

Skype Hypnotherapy is the answer.

NEWS: during the coronavirus covid-19 epidemic I will still be able to work on skype to offer sessions for people looking for help with stress and anxiety via hypnosis, mediation, mindfulness, CBT and counselling for people who just need someone to help them through this difficult time. You don't need to leave the house to access a talking therapy to help you through this time of crisis.

Skypenosis Hypnotherapy sessions are now available to everyone via Skype. I first started using skype back in 2012 to help people suffering from Stress and Anxiety as well as Phobias and Insomnia. It quickly became clear that I was able to work with people who I would otherwise not be able to help. I started working with clients who were abroad using the Skype technology, and Hypnosis, EMDR, EFT and other techniques helping them to Quit Smoking and Lose Weight without diets. Firstly Ireland and Germany, then the USA and Hungary and it grew from there.



Now I am also able to work with so many more people within the UK who are many miles away from my location. Would you like some help in the comfort of your own home? Now you don't even need to leave your house to make the changes that you really want and let go of the past.

Where you are really doesn't matter any more ! 
Skype Hypnosis and all of its benefits come to you.

Watch my SKYPE Therapy FAQ Video below to find out more about how a session of Hypnotherapy on Skype can help you:


How does Skype Hypnosis work?

As long as you have an internet connection and a computer with a webcam and microphone then we can work together. In fact often clients work with me using iPads and other tablets and phones to make it even easier. 

Hypnosis via Skype is really easy for you to experience. You don't need to travel to me. So it saves you the stress of that journey, no need to worry about traffic jams, or being late for your hypnotherapy appointment. I use many different techniques which mean that we can help you get exactly what you want and I even make you personalised Hypnosis MP3s that you can listen to at home whenever you want to.

You may even find that being in your own home environment really helps to make you feel even more safe and secure.

We can talk and even do our full sessions via your webcam or we can chat and then I can make you a custom MP3 and send it to you so that you can listen in your own time. This technology really brings your chance to have therapy so much closer. To find out more you can either drop me an email by clicking on Email Mark Powlett or call me on 07980 233160.  

You can also find out all about my hypnosis MP3 downloads HERE



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 Does Skype Hypnosis work as well as seeing me in person?

Many people ask me if having sessions of hypnotherapy on Skype can work as well as seeing me in person. Perhaps the best way to explain is to let you read a couple of reviews from recent clients...

J H Skype Hypnosis Review

If you had asked me 4 weeks ago what were my thoughts on Skype session's I’d have said "how on earth will that help or even work" & to say I was sceptical about the thought of hypnosis would be an understatement but I can not express how grateful I am to Mark for giving me the tools to take back control of my life. After suffering with anxiety attacks for over 4 years & being fobbed off by doctors wanting to just give me medication saying it's something you’re stuck with I never thought I would ever feel in control again until now that is. After only 4 sessions with Mark (well 3 really as the 4th was just me smiling uncontrollably telling him how fantastic my weekend had been) I finally feel in control and ready to start living an active social life all over again. I'm so proud of myself and wish I had seen him sooner. Remarkable man I owe him so much and will never ever be able to express how grateful I am. Do not hesitate he is there when you need him all the way. Thanks for everything.

S Palme Skype Hypnotherapy testimonial and review(2)





This very day last year, I was at an extremely low point in my life. I couldn’t leave the house without panicking and I was being so restricted to living how I wanted to. Basically, I didn't want to live any more. Everything changed when I was introduced to hypnotherapy, I was sceptical of course but open minded because things needed to change. I had one session and instantly felt better. When my final and 4th session came round, I got Steph back and my family got Steph back. I can't say I’m cured because my demons with mental health will always be there but I see it more as an inconvenience now that a life limiter. Thank you Mark!



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Can I Use Facetime for facetime hypnotherapy sessions?

Please note that I use Skype rather than Apple Facetime for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy online sessions so that all users can take advantage of the fact that Skype is available on Windows, Android and Apple products. 

Benefits of Skype Hypnosis sessions

One of the real benefits that people see of having sessions using the technology that we now have is that many of the techniques that I use can be used really easily. For instance you can read all about EFT on Skype and even BWRT on Skype as well as NLP sessions on Skype too. 


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