Quit Smoking Today


 This quit smoking hypnotherapy offer was launched to only last for 24 hours to coincide with No Smoking day on 12th March.  


I love to help people to become non smokers. But, would you struggle to find the £160 it costs to visit me today? Could that be the reason you haven't tried before?

Would it also be hard to find the time to visit me? How about if you could relax and quit smoking in the comfort of your own home?


For just £65.00 I will provide you with your own personal quit smoking session for you to listen to at home.  


I want to help as many people as possible who would find it hard to afford the full £160 fee. no smoking day hypnotherapy image 

When you decide you want to quit smoking and book you will receive a message from me with all the questions that I would normally ask during a full one to one session. This means that once you answer and return it I can then record you a personalised recording of your own Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session. It will contain everything that you have told me about and be 100% tailored to you! The most amazing thing is that listening takes no effort at all! You just lie back, listen, and feel as relaxed as you want to.

..and you would already be saving on the cost of a personal visit, yet have exactly the same recording as my clients when they leave ! The key to success with my clients who visit is that they go home and listen to the recording and you will have exactly the same as if you had visited me.

You may already have an idea of how much you spend on cigarettes, but just imagine for a moment how much you will save in the future...and what you can do with that money!  A holiday.. a new car...something for your home or children, perhaps a weekend away.

Your recording will be made with the same professional recording equipment and studio that I use when I record my BBC radio interviews and will be based on everything that you have told me so will fit perfectly with you and everything that you really want to gain from becoming a non smoker.




An important note:  Ask yourself how long would it take you to spend £65.00 on cigarettes? It seems a small price to pay to help you become a non smoker. I have found that offers like these are very popular from past experience. Last year's offer had ten spaces which all went very quickly, and this year I can only offer five.

Once the no smoking day has ended then I will be looking at adding this as a service to my own website for clients.  However I can't afford to do this for the £65.00 price.  Although the price has not yet been finalised it will be somewhere around £120.  So, don't spend too much time thinking about it!  Just click on the buy now button and make that amazing change to your life !

It's easy to put off taking the plunge and really deciding to quit smoking so congratulations on making today the day that you decided you really want to be a non smoker!

and.. of course if you would like to actually visit me and work with me in person you can do that too! For this Non Smoking Day I will take bookings and charge you just £160 to visit me in person. So, the choice is yours, come and see me in person or book one of my places by clicking the link below!


How will listening to the recording feel?

People often wonder exactly if they can be hypnotised. They have watched Derren Brown or Paul Mckenna on TV and this gives an unrealistic view of what it really is like !  When you listen to the recording you will be aware of everything. You will remain in control and you can even open your eyes if you wish! (of course you won't be quite so relaxed!)  The more relaxed you are the more the thoughts and ideas will sink into your unconscious mind. Because you have the recording you don't need to be fully relaxed the first time you hear it because you can listen to it again! This makes the whole process even more effective. You will find that it is really just a chance to lie back and relax.

Many people try lots of different ways to help them to quit smoking and give up the habit. There are lots of different things you can try and it's quite possible that you have already tried many of them. Have you ever used gum or patches to help get that nicotine fix? Did you know that they only have a 7% success rate? Surprised? Well, it may well echo your own experience. One single session of hypnosis has been clinically shown to have a success rate 800% greater than that ! No one can guarantee success in becoming a non smoker, because it all depends on how much you really want to give up the cigarettes, but if you have made that decision and really want to go for it then Hypnosis has the highest success rate of any method!


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