Myths about Hypnosis

Is hypnosis dangerous?

It’s completely safe and also a very natural state. A state of hypnosis will never cause you any physical or mental harm. Hypnosis is actually a state of mind we all drift in and out of many times every day.  Those moments in the day when we block everything around us out and really focus, this could be on a book we are reading, or watching the television, or even just when we find ourselves lost in our own thoughts and daydreaming. Children are especially good at this. Have you ever looked at your child and seen them staring off into space in a world of their own !?

Hypnosis simply induces this state of mind for you and with you. There is never any danger or anything for you to worry about.

Can a hypnotist make me do things that I don’t want to do?

Often this is the main concern people have, and yet again, it is not true. The hypnotherapist is not taking control, they are not telling you what to do - they are simply making some suggestions. It simply is not possible to take control of someone else’s mind, only to suggest things to them. So if you don’t like a suggestion that you hear then you just won’t take it on board. I can't make you do anything that you don't want to do. I can really help you to make the changes that you really DO want to make.

The suggestions that will be made are always just simple, positive suggestions, designed to ease you into more beneficial patterns of thinking.

Can I lose control?

No, you can’t – you are the one in control at all times.  You could never be made to do something you are not feeling comfortable with or which you just don’t want to do.

But... can I get “stuck” in hypnosis? 

Once again this is another untrue idea that comes from films and TV shows. Immediately after the hypnosis session you will return to full consciousness, feel wide awake and totally normal. You were just very relaxed and you can open your eyes at any time that you like, even during the hypnosis session.

 It is just not possible to get stuck in hypnosis.

Of course sometimes people think that with hypnosis they don’t need to do anything, just lie back and all the changes will happen magically all by themself.
Hypnosis, in reality is just a simple tool which really does help you by gaining access to your subconscious mind and then subtly suggesting new beliefs, thoughts and patterns of thinking. The words to note here are that it helps you - it will certainly give you that helping hand, and it will help the mental side of your efforts, but you definitely must want to make that change, to be committed to the thought of changing, and then you need to take physical action and pursue your goals alongside. If you really want something, whether to end a bad habit, fear or phobia, lose weight and so many other things, then hypnosis can really help you.

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