Refresh relaxation sessions.


We all need to take time out to relax unwind and calm ourselves. We lead such hectic lives thinking about and doing things for others that sometimes we just need to take time out for ourselves.

Our days and evenings can be full. Running around, working, looking after the family, cleaning, cooking, and everything else that the day entails. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just sit back in a comfortable chair, close our eyes switch off and relax ?

This is exactly what my refresh relaxation sessions are all about. Forty five wonderful minutes where you can completely switch off. All you need to do is close your eyes listen to the relaxing soundtrack and let me take you on a journey of imagination. You will find that afterwards you truly realise the benefit of taking time for yourself to switch off. It's like an instant holiday to take you away from the stress and strain of your day.

The cost of these sessions is just £70 and the benefits to our body and mind are much much more.

The session makes a wonderful and unusual gift for a family member or friend.

Give the gift of relaxation. To book just click here.