Want to lose weight in one hypnotherapy session without spending much money?

It's time to think differently about food..forever

Are you fed up of Diets that just don't work?

Have you spent a fortune over the years on diet companies and diet foods?

Have you tried all the different detox methods?

Would you like to throw away your scales... lose weight forever...and find a way to keep that weight off?


Are you unhappy with the way that you look? Do you feel fat and unattractive to others? Does it affect your day to day life. Perhaps you are on a diet at the moment, or have tried several in the past...

Do any of these diets ring any bells?

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I imagine that you are aware of several and have probably tried several of them too. Did you lose weight? Perhaps you did lose some. It's not really surprising that you lose weight when you are on a liquid diet of only a few hundred calories a day.  But what happened afterwards? Let me guess...you put the weight back on?  and did you even add to it?


When you starve your body and give it less than it needs then it isn't surprising that it then wants to hoard and store all the calories when you start eating again. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to slim down slowly and change the way that you see food. When you lose weight slowly your body adapts and then you will find that you can keep that weight off...in fact in can be so much easier than you ever imagined.

If you were to sit down and write up a list of all the diets that you have tried over the years I wonder how many would be on that list?

If you were to add up the number of hours you spent thinking about what you could not eat and beating yourself up because you ate something that you shouldn't have how many would it be?


Just think about it for a second I bet it's hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of pounds. What else could you have done with that money? A few holidays, a new car or furniture, perhaps an extension on your home. Because, if you have been through all of these and still feel unhappy then it was money down the drain. In fact worse than that you have been paying money to people who have made you feel worse. I speak to so many people who are feeling humiliated about being weighed in front of other people and then told that it's a little disappointing. Does it feel a bit like a cattle market, but rather than weighing a lot you need to weigh less? 

Have you ever considered that by weighing you all the time and talking about what you can and can't eat all you are doing is drawing attention to all the negative factors?

      So, here is the interesting thing about what happens to me every single week....

I get a phone call, an email or perhaps meet someone at an event and they ask me what I do...I reply....

Mark Powlett Pic"I help people to change the way that they see food and eating. I help them to stop being enslaved to diets and diet companies so that they lose weight, feel great and have a happier life. In fact they stop worrying about things and find they are also calmer and more relaxed as well as feeling more confident, slimmer, fitter and positive about everything. I love being able to help people and of course I practice what I preach which is why even as a 46 year old I am still fitting into my trousers with a 32 waist as I did in my twenties"



Then they ask me for more details and I tell them all about it...but wait....before I tell you about it you need to know one thing.

The one thing that I can tell you with 100% confidence

Before you read this beware....you may not like what I have to say. You may be offended and if you are then I apologise in advance but I am about to tell you the truth about what I do and why it may not be for you....Do NOT read on if you think you may be offended...

read more..

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