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The one thing that I can tell you with 100% confidence

....Do NOT read on if you think you may be offended...Here is what happens...

So.... often people listen to what I do and then when I explain that I run a five session programme which helps people for life they have one of two responses....Mark Powlett Pic

Response 1)     "That sounds great!  When can you book me in?!"

Response 2)     "Oh, well I didn't realise that it would take five sessions and I don't really want to spend much money"

Guess what? At that moment I already know if that person will remain fat for the rest of their life or if they will be able to make the changes that they want and let go of the past and live a happy life.

The people who think..."Wow after just five sessions I can change things for the rest of my life!" will have huge success.

The people who think "Oh, well five sessions seems a lot, can't you just sort it out in an hour for cheaper?" will most likely live the rest of their lives feeling fat, unhappy and never doing anything permanent about it. They will carry on putting on and losing weight, being obsessed by food all the time and maybe even miserable.

Does that seem unfair?  I can only speak from my own experience of helping people to deal with weight issues. I know what I know because I learnt from getting it wrong!  That's heard me... I used to do it wrong!

What was I doing wrong?

People used to want to see me on a session by session basis to help with weight and I used to say that was fine. Then they would come and sit in my chair and expect to close their eyes and wake up half an hour later having lost two stone. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Well, I saw something interesting. Those people who wanted that would only want to visit once or twice. Even though I explained that it took longer than that to make a permanent change they just didn't believe me. They would give up, quit and just stop making an effort..although perhaps they didn't want to make an effort?

But what about those who went the distance?  Here's the most interesting took me a while to realise that I could tell straight away who would last the distance, and these were the people who would attend their sessions and actually enjoy what we did together. Lo and behold they would see the changes that they wanted and go away with all the tools that they needed to make their lives so much happier.

So what did I do to fix my problem?

It was simple...I just stopped taking the people who only wanted to come for one session to be "fixed". It's just not as simple as that. Once I started my slimmer you programme I only took on clients who were prepared to commit to the five sessions and also pay me the full fee on the first session.

Did my idea make me rich?!

What do you think? Of course not!  I suddenly lost all the people who wanted me to help them in one session. I'll be honest with you..I could make lots of money by telling people that I could sort all their problems in an hour but no one can do that. This isn't about a quick fix, it's about changing your life for the better...and guess what it will take some effort from you and me and I want you to make that effort.

Of course I saw a big downturn in the number of people who wanted to work with me on weight loss.

But....suddenly I saw am amazing change...the people who did want to work with me were highly motivated. They listened to me and I listened to them. They took on board what I suggested and then they started to see the changes. Once they saw subtle changes then they started to see even bigger changes because they knew that life could be better.

As a hypnotherapist I was having a huge amount of success with clients who were seeing me for fears and phobias, to stop smoking and manage stress and anxiety, I was even helping people learn to turn down chronic pain but weight loss wasn't working. It was my fault, when I had stopped to look at things I saw that the reason I was great with all the other thing is because I was making sure that I only worked with people that I was happy to work with and who really wanted to make a change.

Now that I was weeding out the lazy people who couldn't be bothered to make any effort and wanted me to do all the work suddenly I was seeing success in weight loss. I don't just do this job for the money, I do it because I want to help people and I felt so much better knowing that the people I was working with wanted to be helped.

That is why I may not want to work with you!

..and that's why I may not want to work with you. Let's face it...if you were lazy you wouldn't have got this far. Anyone who started reading this page because they wanted help with weight loss and hasn't got this far will probably always be fatter than they want. They will probably always feel that they eat too much and everything that makes them feel bad along with that will keep bugging them for a long time, perhaps until the end of their time.

Congratulations on reading this far: You know what it means?!

So, I want to congratulate you on reading this far. It tells me that you really do want to lose weight, feel fitter and slimmer, more attractive and positive about life! I've deliberately written a lot to put off the lazy people who want me to do all the work.

Now, here's the interesting don't need to work with me now!  If you have read this far you would be a great person to work with and I would love to work with you...but your level of motivation means that you may well be able to do some things on your own. If that sounds like you then head on over to have a listen to my FREE MP3 and also read more about my free help and advice on giving up diets won't cost you a penny.

However, if you think that actually you would benefit from some help and advice and would like to try my five session programme, knowing that at the end of it you will have MP3 recordings made especially for you of our sessions that you can keep for that you never need diet or even see me again..then you may be interested in my Slimmer You Programme.

You can also have a FREE consultation with me so that we can make sure we are a good fit to work together. You have nothing to lose...except that excess weight! I don't want anyone to commit unless they know it is right for them.

Just CLICK HERE for details on how the SLIMMER YOU programme can help you with letting go off the past, turning down cravings and eating what you want without guilt.

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