Therapy treatment room in Redditch

My therapy treatment room in Redditch.

It is always important to know that you are in a safe and secure environment when seeking help wheter it is Hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy or hypnosis.

My treatment room is easily accessible on the ground floor with parking right outside the door. It is in a quiet private location. You will not be waiting with other people in a waiting room and you can rest assurred that your visit will remain confidential.

It has its own client rest room, and the room is used only by myself for my own sessions with my clients.

Here you can see for yourself...

new carpet in treatment room for mark powlett hypnotherapy in redditch

treatment room stitch with new carpet


This year don't feel that you need to put off the thought of taking action to make a change that you have always wanted. You do not need to do it alone and it costs nothing to pick up the phone and have a chat with me about how we could work together... just call  07980 233160

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