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What is Tapping? How does Tapping work. All about EFT

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What is tapping? How does tapping work and what happens to you when you do tapping?

You may not even know what tapping is or you may know it by its official name Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.

But what is EFT and how does tapping on parts of your body make a difference to you?

Singer Michael Ball has spoken all about it and demonstrated how it helped him to overcome panic attacks on BBC Breakfast. You can watch a clip of him showing Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin how it works HERE.

He learnt it from the Boyzone singer, Stephen Gately, who used it to calm his own performance nerves. PGA golfers have been spotted doing it around the golf course to help them improve their swing. Lily Allen has explained that she used it as part of her weight loss plan. Dutch pole-vaulter Rens Blom spoke openly about how his unexpected 2005 World Championship Gold medal was all down to the tapping that he did. You can find so many instances talking about its success helping with phobias, addictions and anxiety.

But what is Tapping?

It was discovered by Gary Craig who published a Tapping and EFT handbook explaining what he has discovered about it. It is a technique similar to acupressure and involves tapping on certain pressure points around the face and on the body and hands. What is remarkable about the technique is that you really can tap away stress and anxiety. Many researchers are looking into the efficacy of tapping and there are many clinical studies on EFT already published that show how well it works.

What can I use EFT for?

EFT can be used for many different things. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I use it as part of my therapy with clients alongside helping to teach people ways to relax, switch off and let go of the past. I find that it has amazing success on so many different things. I use it more than any other intervention when I help people with fears and phobias. I have used it for fear of spiders, heights, driving, sickness and many other fears and phobias. In fact there was a very strange side effect for myself when I appear to have lots one of my own fears accidently..

I lost my Fear of Heights by Tapping and I wasn't even trying...

I have worked with many clients who have a fear of heights and it was the one fear that I still had a little of myself. You may ask why I didn't ever do anything about it? Strange as it sounds I quite liked the idea that I had a little fear. I didn't really go anywhere high and I don't have a fear of spiders, or driving on motorways or anything else so in many ways it just didn't come up. Then some time last year I found myself at a park with my son and on one of those high wire experiences. I wanted to act brave so that he didn't get scared and then when we were up there I realised that I just didn't have that odd feeling in my stomach when I looked down any more. I just felt fine and I loved the experience! So, without even trying, a side effect of talking other people through how to tap to end a fear of heights...I had lost my own!  That's how well it works.

Tapping In Redditch with me or Tapping Via Skype

One of the real benefits of teaching EFT to people is that you don't even have to be with me in person. This means that although I spend a great deal of time with clients in my hypnotherapy practice in Redditch doing tapping with them in person I also work via Skype and can teach tapping on skype just as easily and it works just as well.

Watch a BBC News report on Tapping and EFT Medical Study...

If you would like to find out more or ask me any questions feel free to drop me an email on [email protected] or call me on 07980 233160


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  1. Ross Pearshouse

    Hi mark how much do you charge to do a Skype call? Ive got a big fear of agrophobia Havnt left the house In nearly a year it's starting to affect my family's life and mine. Many thanks Ross

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  2. christine newton

    can you help me stop smoking,ihad hypnotherapy years ago and it stopped me for ten years,but stupidly have smoked for three years now,hate it I will email you Christine. regards, Mark

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  3. Angela Forsyth

    I suffer terrabily with anxiety. Can you send me details how to do this and ilistened to yourself hypnosis tape which l felt helped me but i dont know how to save it. Thanks Angie Hi Angie, I will drop you an email

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