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Hypnosis for Migraines How to use hypnotherapy when you have a migraine headache

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Many people do not realise that you can use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to turn down and control pain.

I was visited by a client this week who arrived with a terrible migraine headache. Although I was seeing her for another issue it was clear that should could not relax and would not be able to concentrate. She told me that she nearly cancelled the appointment but decided to come at the last minute.

What she was not aware of was that hypnosis is excellent at helping to control pain and even turn it down. I work with many clients who have issues with pain, and as long as they have already seen a doctor I can help them to manage it in a way that medications often do not. Working with clients who suffer migraines I can teach them to visualise the pain and then turn that pain down so that they are in control. This often works better than even medications, and of course is a totally safe and natural way to manage the problem of migraine sufferers.

As she had already worked with me she found it easy to get herself into a relaxing state and then working through a discussion with her of how she saw the pain we changed that image and then turned the pain down. Afterwards she was amazed and told me that not only had she turned it down but it had gone away completely. By learning these techniques you can take back control of this problem which affects so many people and can cause you to miss out on so many things because the pain is so great.

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Migraine medical studies and Hypnotherapy..

A migraine is a debilitating form of a headache and affects huge numbers of people. Various triggers can produce the onset of a migraine. Medical studies have been conducted showing that hypnotherapy can be beneficial to the migraine sufferer.

In fact in many studies, hypnosis has been shown to actually be more beneficial than medications.

Medical study of hypnosis for Migraine sufferers.

One study compared the effect of hypnotherapy versus the prescription medication prochlorperazine (Stemetil). The study consisted of 47 participants who reported feedback every month for a year. They reported number of attacks per month, severity of attacks, and complete remission. Results of the study showed that those who received hypnotherapy reported far fewer migraine attacks compared to those who received medication. Out of 23 participants who received hypnotherapy, 10 of them ceased to experience migraines. Out of the 24 participants who used medication, 3 of them ceased to experience migraines.

Common triggers of migraines include hormonal changes, stress, food, changes in sleep patterns, medications, and changes in the surrounding environment. Symptoms of migraines vary from person to person, but many people report moderate to severe pain that pulsates, worsens with physical activity and interferes with day-to-day activity, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and/or sound, and sometimes experiencing auras. A migraine can last for a few hours to even days, but frequency varies greatly depending on the sufferer.

Another study reported the benefits of behavioral therapy. These approaches include relaxation, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and hypnosis. Hypnosis can help migraine sufferers avoid triggers such as controlling stress and avoiding certain foods.

Two hypnotherapy techniques used in treating migraines include the hand warming and glove anesthesia. These techniques put migraine sufferers in control of their pain by helping them transfer warmth or numbness to their head where their head hurts. These techniques were shown to be more beneficial than simple relaxation exercises. This study concluded that medication is ineffective in treating chronic migraines and supports psychological treatment because there are no side effects.

What these studies show is that hypnotherapy, hypnosis and the more natural methods of treating migraine headaches are often more effective than using medication. The fact that hypnosis has no side effects and many prescription medications have many side effects makes hypnotherapy a more natural and safe approach to treating migraines. In addition to no side effects, many studies have shown that the effects of hypnosis are more lasting and beneficial compared to the use of medication.

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With thanks to Natural News for the medical study information.


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