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Are you killing your pets by smoking?

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Smoking is bad for you. That isn't news..but as a smoker have you ever considered what it is doing to others in your household?

I gave up smoking years ago with the help of hypnotherapy and now I help people to become non smokers and quit smoking with hypnosis. One of the things that we talk about is the other people in your house. How does being a smoker affect your children for instance?

Of course this is quite a simple idea to get your head around. The thought that your own children could start smoking because of you, or be affected by the smoke from your cigarettes can be very powerful in helping to show you another benefit of kicking the habit.

news story about smoking and pets


What about your pets though?

Something that may well not have crossed your mind before though is the effect that you smoking could have on your pets.

Heather Goddard has recently appeared in the news talking about the fact that her dog Clover died from lung cancer and was told that it was likely caused by her smoking. Heather quit smoking over a year ago after developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) but sadly the damage had already been done.

Vets report that often when dogs and cats are brought into the surgery they smell strongly of smoke. Because they lick their own fur it means that they are taking in even more of the toxins on the exhaled smoke in their home.

Its a sad story, but perhaps a positive to come out of it is that it raises awareness and may well just help you to have one more reason to quit smoking for good.

Remember it isn't about giving something up when you stop smoking, it is about becoming a non smoker and everything that you gain. Your health and energy can return, you can save huge amounts of money which you can spend on whatever you like and as well as many other reason...now you can look after your pets more too.

If you would like to read more about stopping smoking with hypnotherapy then simply CLICK HERE

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