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Spring has sprung and it's time to start springing into exercise !

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Now that Spring is here, you may be thinking about getting some more exercise.

We all slow down over Winter. It can be hard to get yourself motivated to get out and about and get fit when the nights are shorter and the weather is colder. As a result we often feel quite listless and perhaps struggle to get ourselves motivated.

As Spring dawns we often find that we are ready for our own new dawn. Spring cleaning fever sets in and a new wave of motivation seems to wash over us. For many people joining a gym can be an option that appeals, for others it can seem a little to regimented, not to say expensive.

I personally love to get out in the fresh air and go walking, or running if I feel energetic. Once the rains have cleared from the pathways I also love going out on my bike and getting some fresh air whilst cycling.

You may not have visited your local park recently but so many of them now have outdoor exercise equipment that you can use for free, and also enjoy in the sunshine or even clouds!

I went out and about and tried my local Park and I love it now. I run around Arrow Valley Lake in Redditch and it is quite gorgeous there !

You may well be amazed by how much getting that exercise and fresh air really helps to lift your mood ! Go on give it a try, I promise you will want to do it again once you have done it once !

Exercise and all the good hormones and endorphins that are released really can make you feel better.

Watch this video about exercise outdoors in the park

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