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Hypnosis with 100% Guarantee

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A question that I get asked many times a week is this..

"Can you guarantee that hypnosis will work for me?"

I see many people who boast on their websites that they do this. It's no coincidence that the same people are often the ones who charge very large fees and also offer to solve all of your problems in a single session. I wonder if the reason for that could be that they only need to see you once because the money is perhaps more important than actually helping people? I don't need to point you to anyone in particular because you may not have seen that type of website. However if you have been searching for help perhaps that idea rings a bell.

So, let's get to the question. If you ask me if I can guarantee it will work what would I tell you?

I would reply that not only is it against any kind of advertising rules to tell you that, but that also it would be very unethical. I can tell you that I will always do my best for you, and also that when I see clients they tend to find that on average in 3-4 sessions they have seen some amazing changes and now have the tools to make further changes for themselves as they want them.

However, I don't know how much you want that if I haven't even started working with you!

How can I explain this in the most simple way...?

Well, how could anyone offer you a 100% guarantee when they have never even met you?  

I do see people doing that and if you stop to think about it then it seems foolish to say the least.

How can they even know that you really want the help?

How can they know that you will even turn up to the session with them in the first place?

I see so many people who already saw someone else who made those kinds of promises to them and then left disappointed. That's not to say that it isn't possible to help people, or that those people could not do it, but the most important thing about any talking therapy is perhaps something that you may not even have considered...

150 things hypnosis can help you with

How do I feel about the person who I am working with?

That's the question you need to ask yourself. It's why it is always worth reading as much as you can about any hypnotherapist that you are interested in seeing. 

In fact...studies have shown that it isn't the amount of experience, study or practise that your therapist has undergone. It's actually all about how you relate to them.

You must feel comfortable and confident that they could help you. If you don't feel that they know what they are doing, or if you feel that they do not understand how you feel, then how can they really help you?

I hope that reading this makes sense and helps you in choosing the right person for you. The simple facts are that we can all benefit from the right help and working with the right person. All that matters is that you really want that help. If you decide that you are ready to work with someone to help you help yourself then you are already on the right road. Bear something else in mind...if you have read all the way to the bottom of this post then perhaps you are ready, and perhaps you really could reach out and ask for help. No one needs to face things alone. Never be afraid to ask. Once you have reached out then everything may well get easier and easier for you.

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