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Does Gastric band hypnosis work? I'm not sure so here's my idea..

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This offer will be available until Sunday 9th March 2014 only.... I've written several blogs about gastric band hypnosis and hypnotherapy. They began to be inspired by Paul Mckenna and his "Paul Mckenna Gastic Band hypnosis" book. I've engaged in a good deal of discussion about it with other hypnotherapists and clients.

My objection was that it does not really deal with the underlying issues. By imagining that you are having a smaller stomach I didn't really don't see how that stops the emotional eating that so many people do.

However, I know that many people do think it works. Whilst I don't yet offer this in my practice I am now offering you the chance to download your own gastric band hypnosis mp3 recording.

So here is what I have done... I have recorded a full Gastic Band hypnotherapy MP3 download. It contains all the relaxation and thoughts of having your stomach made smaller for you and I know that you will find it relaxing to listen to.  My normal download would be priced at £9.99 because I know how well my audio recordings work.

However, this will be priced at just £2.99 UNTIL 9th March 2014. The idea is that there really is nothing to lose for you. If you are thinking about having gastric band hypnotherapy then you should really think about trying this and see how well it works for you.

So, If you want to try it just click below and I would love to hear from you in a few weeks time about how you got on. I know you will find the audio relaxing...and if you find that you are amazed by weight loss then please let me know and perhaps I will reconsider my thoughts on offering the service in my practice !

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