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3 Great Reasons to drink more water..

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You probably already know all about why you should drink more water..but despite this many of us still don't drink enough of it.

Perhaps it's time to put down the fizzy pop and get yourself a glass of refreshing water made for you by those fluffy white clouds.

Here are just three of my favorite reasons that mean I always have a bottle of water to hand..

1)    It's a natural way to avoid and stop headaches. Have you ever been out in the sunshine and started to get a throbbing head pain? Try drinking some more water and see the difference that it makes. Often these are caused by dehydration so keep drinking the water and feel them just go away.

2)    It increases your energy levels and stops you getting tired so easily. Our brains are mostly made of water so keep topping up those levels just like you top up the petrol in your car to keep it running. It helps you concentrate and focus much more easily.

3)    Watch your skin improve! Drinking water helps your skin immensely. It's the cheapest beauty treatment around. It helps keep your skin moist and looking at its best.

So...what are you waiting for....why not go and have a cool refreshing glass now, I know I will!

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