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Watch a Live Demonstration of BWRT on Skype

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What happens in a session of BWRT on Skype?

You may have already read a little about how Brain Working Recursive Therapy works or even watched the video that I did with Terence Watts who created this brand new type of therapy. You can see that video here: http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/myblog/read_132571/what-is-bwrt-.html

Many people have asked me questions about what actually happens during a session. The best way to demonstrate BWRT in action is to show you.


I teamed up with Jennifer Battaglino who works in New York and like myself is a trained BWRT Practitioner. Both of us use Skype in our therapy, which means that we are able to help many more people than we would otherwise be able to reach. Having both worked with clients and performed BWRT on Skype sessions we decided that a great way to show you would be for me to take the role of a client and for Jennifer to show how the role of therapist works during a session.

You can watch for yourself below..

So What happens in a BWRT Session on Skype?

As you can see for yourself during the video one of the things that may strike you as unusual is that BWRT isn't hypnosis. What this means is that although you may have your eyes closed during the loops that you watched you are still very aware of what is happening. Perhaps you have sometimes wondered about hypnosis because you have seen TV shows of stage hypnotists and felt that it would make you uncomfortable.

Of course, in reality hypnosis is nothing like you see on stage at all. That is just entertainment and as clinical hypnotherapists being able to use many different methods to help you is what can make all the difference. If you are looking for any therapist for yourself then do make sure that they are fully trained in a variety of methods and techniques and a member of their professional governing body too.

What does Content Free Mean?

You may have noticed that we spoke about the fact that a session can be content free. What this means is that if you have something that you find it very hard to talk about then you will not need to disclose this during your session. Of course often once you have got to know your therapist you may well find that talking about the problem helps you even sooner to a resolution, but of course that is something that you must feel comfortable with.

If you have a problem that you are looking for help with then do feel free to contact me on 07980 233160 or email me on [email protected]




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