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E-Cigarettes article that seems like a Charlie Brooker Black Mirror episode

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This article in The Guardian today reads like an espisode of the dark comedy drama series Black Mirror created by writer Charlie Brooker.

Here's the link to it. It's a long article but well worth having a read after you read this, especially if you disagree, and it may change the way that you see smoking e-cigs..



Personally, I do wish people wouldn't say they quit smoking when they smoke e-cigs.

Think about it like this if you can....If you moved from giving your money to one company to inhale toxins to the same thing with a different company then it isn't really quitting. 


How would you describe smoking to a child?


Well, you could say you pay for something that you then breathe in which gives you a hit of toxins. Now, isn't that the same for e-cigarettes? What do your children think when they see it?

It seems that e-cigs are becoming an excuse for people who don't really want to stop smoking. It's almost as if smoking e cigarettes is seen as a charitable thing and the manufacturers want to help. They don't want you to stop smoking, they want you to smoke their products, otherwise they wouldn't need the fancy marketing and all those flavours to keep you coming back. Start to think about is as still smoking and then that may help you if you really do want to become a non smoker.

In the meantime if you pay money for something that you put in your mouth all the time and inhale that is full of toxins then perhaps it's time you stopped saying you gave up smoking.

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