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a simple tip to end social anxiety

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Here's a very short video with a tip on how you can end social anxiety. Once you start to see the changes that you can make you can learn and understand that overcoming the worries and anxiety that you suffer can happen to you...

This information tells you a lot about social anxiety and how it can happen. Studies have shown that people who rate themselves as shy in social settings find it very hard to remember details of the things that were around them whilst they were in the social situation that caused them anxiety.

The reason for this is because they've been looking inward, not outward.

It follows on from this then that if we want to lower anxiety, we need to start to focus outward.

This exercise can show you how you can do that.

So, what you can start to do when you are in social situations is to make a mental note of three or four aspects of the situation you're in. 

This could be

  • What is the colour of the walls in the room you are in?
  • Are there any pictures on the walls and what are they of? Do you know any of them?
  • What clothes do people have on and how are they looking?
  • How is the room lit? What kind of lights are they?

By using this tip you move from looking inwards to outwards and you can start to see the situation differently.

Don't forget you can listen to my free MP3 by following the link at the top of this page and if you are looking for help with stress and anxiety just click on the contact me button to send me an email.

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  1. Lisa

    My therapist is doing NLP with me which helps - If I am finding something is difficult when out socially I firstly make them really small and screw them up in to a little ball and throw them far away in my mind. I then add a lot of colour and turn them into a firework. By the time I have done this, I am smiling. Mark replies: That's a great technique. Learning to relax and let go really helps too. I know that after a couple of sessions my clients are already starting to learn that they can take back that control. Keep on smiling :)

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  2. Lisa

    It also serves well when you talk about that situation as you have positive things to chat about :) That's great Lisa! Thanks so very much for adding that :)

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