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Can I Hypnotise you in 30 Seconds?

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Can I hypnotise you in Just 30 Seconds?

So many people wonder how hypnosis feels and there are a great deal of misconceptions about the power of our minds. When you watch TV shows like You're Back in the Room, which started on ITV in the UK and now has been sold to The USA, Australia, France and even Slovenia and Columbia, you may be told some myths about hypnosis which are exactly what the stage hypnotists like Keith Barry want you to believe,

Myths about Hypnosis that you will so on Stage and Television shows..

How often do you see people slumped into a chair as they are told to "SLEEEP!" in a loud voice. They drop like stones and even sometimes fall on the floor. The reason for this is of course because it makes great drama, and don't forget that this is all about showbiz! Here's another interesting thing that you hear all the time...

"When you wake up you won't remember anything about what happened for the last two hours!"

Hmmm...sounds interesting. Especially when you see people talking about the fact they don't know what happened! Have you ever wondered if this is simply because they have been told that is what happens so they must of course play along !

It's no surprise that one of the biggest google searches around hypnosis is this one: "Is You're Back in the Room Fake?"

So, let me show you that you can use the power of your own mind right now and show yourself exactly how you can do something that can even make a physical change to your body.

Watch the video below and see just what I do...


The important thing to remember is that if this doesn't work for you there may be any number of reasons. The biggest reason I see is because people are trying so hard to make sure that is doesn't !

I lecture medical students and you would imagine that they would be open minded and ready to learn about anything that could help their patients, especially in light of the fact that funding for mental health means that many people struggle to get the help that they need. Often though these young doctors are trying so hard to make sure they don't close their fingers together that I can see the faces they make, and they can be very funny!

So, remember that the idea is just to see what happens for you and if it works, then perhaps it can show you that you really could let go of some of your worries and cares. If we start to learn how to think about things in a different way, then perhaps we can make our lives, easier, less stressful and happier too.

Here's another demonstration that I love..this time with a swinging watch, because that's something that people love to see...

You can try it for yourself with any necklace or just some string with something heavy dangling underneath.

I hope you enjoy watching the videos and if you would like to find out more about how I could help you then do drop me a line at [email protected] or call me on 07980 233160


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