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BWRT reviews are starting to appear more on social media and often what they have in common is that they show that as a therapy it can take fewer sessions that you may expect to make a real change.

This is a story from an email about a very personal case of BWRT and how it made a real change in a situation that was highly emotional.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy Reviews:

A very personal story....

"I've spent the last few weeks undergoing some pretty unpleasant tests and then about three weeks ago I had to see the consultant and I was told that I have prostate cancer. I am only 47 so it is very young, and the good news is that it isn’t aggressive, so everything will be fine. Our family have been through many cancer treatments and one is mid way through chemotherapy at the moment, so it’s almost something we are used to.

This led me to thinking that perhaps I should do some of the things that I haven’t been doing but thinking about, so the next day I walked straight into our local music shop and bought myself a set of drums. I play a little but it turns out that in fact I am pretty good and I have loved having them !

Another thing I have been thinking about for a long time is getting a dog as a companion, and I always wanted a rescue dog so off I went with a friend and her daughter.  Long story short, I have a 12 year old who I still get to spend time with from a relationship a long time ago.  Often I face not being able to see him. I love him more than anyone can imagine and fortunately the feeling is mutual!

So, missing him, as I often do and with another child in tow, and a friend who had been there for me to listen to my worries, I arrived at the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth. Whilst her daughter went off to get a drink her mother told me that she had explained what had happened to me and her daughter had said “Why do bad things happen to good people”. At this point all those overwhelming feelings about everything that was happening just overtook me and the tears came. My biggest worry at this point was that the trust staff would think that I was not capable of looking after a dog! I found a beautiful dog and knew that I would end up taking him home. Whilst we sat through the paperwork I gently sobbed whilst explaining that it would stop soon. What a state I was! Somehow my emotions have not been very much in check of late in my real life. 

So, I knew that I would be going back to pick him up a few days later after my house and garden were checked and all his checks were done. I had bought his bed, bowls and many many toys for him!

Part of me was pretty sure that I would be in tears again. I don’t mind people seeing it and I have enough confidence to laugh it off...but the other part of me wanted to enjoy the experience.

I emailed a BWRT practitioner in the hope of a BWRT on Skype therapy session and explained that I had a challenge and how about BWRTing me. 

Lo and behold working together that evening I laughed when I opened my eyes and looked all confused. I said “Hold on ! Let me try a bit harder to feel bad again” and laughed again too.

There I was the next morning driving up the long road and feeling full of pride in what I was doing and a happiness that my new friend would be coming home with me. It was a wonderful experience and he is settling in really well now. I smiled and just felt happy!!!

I have attached a video of us just after we arrived home on Sunday morning, and as you can see there are no puffy eyes on me from crying. I am so excited about how well BWRT worked for me"

You can read all about BWRT here: What is BWRT and how does it actually work?

If you would like to speak to me about working with you I can be reached on 07980 233160 or you can email me on [email protected] 


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