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Two weeks of the builders.. time to tell them what i think

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For two weeks there have been builders next door working on my neighbour's house.

I have had a fortnight of them there whilst my neighbour is away on holiday (she is no fool!).

I couldn't contain myself any longer I had to speak to Tony the boss about his men. There have been about five of them in all, in and out of the house all day, ripping out a whole kitchen and bedroom and refitting everything. I have watched them through my office window as they came and went and it was time to speak to the man in charge and tell him just what I thought about them...

"Hi Tony", I said "I just had to come and speak to you. i needed to ask you a question."

"How on earth have you managed to work so quietly for the last two weeks? I haven't been disturbed at all. Could you come in and have a look at my kitchen I am thinking of having some work done and I would like a quote."

Yes, that's right I was praising them!  I know you are already disappointed because you were expecting me to be angry and have a shouting match but there was no need, and frankly it's not my style anyway. I had known for a while that they would be working next door and so I made sure that on the first Monday I started working with clients later in the afternoon and spent the morning on other tasks as that was when they would be making the most noise. In the event, they did all of the ripping out in the morning and since then they have been quiet as a mouse, thoughtful and considerate all the way.

In fact one of the newer men apologised to a client this morning when she arrived in case he disturbed her in the morning! She pointed out that she doesn't live here and came in to see me laughing.

So, my apologies if you thought that this would be a rant. I don't do rants because they make me feel bad and why would I want to stress myself out? 

This is actually a chance to say well done to someone. Tony and his team have been great, I can see why my neighbour used them and I will use them in the future as well. When you treat everyone well then you never know what will happen. By being thoughtful and considerate everyone is left smiling.

..and I bet my neighbour can't wait to get home and see her new kitchen!

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