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Hypnotize Me - You're back in the Room head to US TV

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After the success of the UK Television series "You're Back in the Room" this year and the fact it has been picked up by other countries it is preparing to film series two in January 2016. France and Australia are among countries that have also bought the format, created by production company Tuesdays Child.

Now the show is set to head to American Television after the Fox network signed a deal to take the show across the Atlantic. 

In the US Fox TV have decided to rename the show and call it "Hypnotize Me"

SO, is Hypnotize Me fake? Are the contestants on Hypnotize Me faking and just playing along?

Based on the same format as the British versionYou’re Back In The Room  features contestants who are challenged to complete a variety of simple, everyday tasks, from frosting a cake to painting a picture…after being hypnotised. The UK version was hosted by Philip Schofield and the hypnotist was Keith Barry. The US series is set to begin production in early 2016 with additional details, including the new American host, to be announced.

You’re Back In The Room debuted in the UK as the No. 1 new unscripted entertainment series in 2015, ending its first season as a Top 10 series overall. The series will begin its second season in 2016 and the format has been produced in France, The Netherlands and Australia and optioned internationally in multiple territories, including Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal and Spain.

There was much controversy over the show when it aired in the UK. I spoke to the UK media including an interview with the Mail On Sunday all about what Clinical Hypnotherapists think about the acting skills involved..

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