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  1. Can I be hypnotised to forget bad memories?

    One of the things that I get asked about often is - Can you use hypnosis to erase a bad memory?

    Perhaps a relationship has ended badly or an experience from someone’s past still haunts them and they are looking to stop finding it upsetting.


    If you watch films and Television and their depiction of hypnosis then you would be forgiven for thinking that you close your eyes and wake up with a gap in you memory where you just cannot remember anything that you wanted to forget.

    Hypnosis to forget bad memories doesn’t work quite like that...in fact it works in a better way.

    When I work with people who are stuck in a bad memory they are really looking to let go of the past and move on. Perhaps just thinking about the bad memory causes some upset, this can even be physical feelings. It is almost as if the incident has only just happened and the feeling are ass strong as when it originally happened. This is because our minds can’t tell the difference between real and imagined.

    Letting go of the past with Hypnotherapy

    I work with people to help take the memory and the feeling and separate them. So this means that you don’t have a gap in your mind, you just don’t have the reaction to thinking or talking about the memory that you did before. This works much better for people because you are still in control and of course you can learn from what happened in a way that you couldn’t if your memory was erased as if you were in some Hollywood movie.

    If you would like help to let go of the past and bad memories and move on then drop me a line at [email protected]

  2. I love this optical illusion. Can you see people or can you see animals in these pictures?

    What we see isn't just about our eyes. Our experience in life also means that we may see things that are not really there. In this case many people see animals that are not really in the picture, rather than the people, and baby who are!

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