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Sofia Vergara from Modern family wants hypnosis to stop eating cake

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Modern Family star Sofia Vergara has been talking about how she has considered visiting a hypnotherapist to stop her from eating cake!

“I heard about someone in L.A. who got hypnotized so they wouldn’t eat candy. I’m seriously looking into that because I’m obsessed,” Vergara said.

Whilst she may have been making a joke I do that all the time for people ! Actually I tend not to stop people from eating things they want to eat and work more on helping people to turn down cravings so that they can control how much they eat of things that may not be so good for them. As well as cake and chocolate I also often help people to drink less wine as it seems to be quite a habit for people to have a couple of glasses in the evening and some people would like to cut down. I have even helped someone to stop eating Greggs sausage rolls! It's all part of my weight loss programme and you can read more about turning down your cravings here: Turn Down Cravings with the Slimmer you weight loss programme.

The only downside I found is that I eat much less chocolate nowadays because working with clients who wanted to eat less has turned down my own cravings accidentally!

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