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What is Coronaphobia? FOGO Fear of Going out?

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has lead to many changes in our lives, and as things change and people start to be able to return to normal, some people are finding that transition hard. Covid-19 has meant that after months of isolation, returning to work, school or social lives can be a stuggle. Some people are now calling it Coronaphobia or FOGO - Fear of Going out.

What is Coronaphobia?

Well, one study found that 54 per cent of people had concerns about returning to work outside the home. Having to travel on trains, buses or other public transport came very high on the list of fears. This is why it is also known as FOGO, fear of going out.

Coronaphobia has its roots in something far more deepseated - a fear of the unknown and loss of control. That loss of control feeling something that we see in fears and phobias, and many other worries all the time. If it is something that is on your mind, you can rest assured you are not alone.

If you have been stuck at home for months, terrified that germs and disease could be everywhere, you could find you have become paralysed by it.

All phobias are an irrational fear. It may be natural to be cautious, but if that feeling overwhelms then it could be time to get some help and take some action. Of course, it is rational to have some fear of getting the Covid-19 virus, it becomes irrational when you can find the worry is taking over your life and stopping you from a return to normal, even when the risks are reducing.

A good start is just to take some time out for yourself to let go and relax.

Why not have a listen to this short meditation below? Just taking some time now, before you are ready to go back to life as normal can really help build a foundation for the future..


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